How can the Camino de Santiago change your life?

Get out of the monotony, isolate ourselves completely from the routine, know the history of other pilgrims; In short, leave our comfort zone. We tell you how the Camino can change everything.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

✔ Everything that the Camino de Santiago can do for you

The Camino de Santiago is a unique experience that every year attracts more pilgrims, walkers who embark on several stages (or even the complete Camino from Roncesvalles) to Santiago each with their own personal reasons; either repeating or debuting on a pilgrimage route that has more than a thousand years of history. The reasons that move us to take the step are many; some do it to fulfill a promise as gratitude, others for adventure, some for religious reasons and many, many, in search of abstraction from the centrifugal reality that surrounds them, that which they call routine.
We have chatted with several pilgrims, some veterans on the Camino de Santiago and other debutantes in this 2018 who is already living his last days. We have done this so that they can tell us first hand what benefits they have found on the Jacobean route after concluding their pilgrimage; what values ​​and experiences have been taken home and what lessons have been stored in the backpack thanks to the coexistence with other pilgrims like them. Our interlocutors are Sonia and Gonzalo, Valencian debutantes in this 2018; Paco, veteran with 10 pilgrimages behind him and José Luis and Paqui, who have traveled the Camino for the second time, attracted by the good feelings of 2017.

▷ 1. The Camino makes us better people

The Camino de Santiago is imbued with some values ​​that are very little present in our society, hidden at many meters in depth, such as companionship, fraternity or solidarity. Living together with other pilgrims, walking together with strangers as if we had known each other all our lives, always being willing to help out or helping those in distress are some of the values ​​that are surprising to find so often on the Camino. So much so, that there are many pilgrims who return to surround themselves again with these values. Paco, our oldest pilgrim has it clear: "On the Camino I made some of the best friends I could have expected, people from all over the world, of all ages, with whom it seems that you have nothing in common at the beginning, except the passion for the Camino, which is already a lot, the Camino often makes us give our best version in front of others, always willing to help and listen."

▷ 2. El Camino helps us to know each other better

On the Camino de Santiago, regardless of the number of days we are going to invest in traveling, we will have time, a lot of time to reflect while we walk. On the Camino, it gets up early and starts walking with the first rays of light until approximately lunchtime. Whether alone or accompanied, the silence in the long walks is a companion that helps us to put our heads in order if that is what we are looking for, with a lot of time to reflect on the present, on who we are and the way of life that we carry, about those around us, what we do for others ... "The Way forces you to live the present much more, to enjoy it." Nowadays, we are always more aware of what is to come and what is already has passed." affirm Paqui and José Luis, who already add two pilgrimages to Santiago in 2017 and 2018. The Camino gives us a golden opportunity to ask us those questions that we always shun, to check if we are at peace with ourselves.

▷ 3. It forces us to overcome our mental and physical limits

One of the most repeated mantras on the Camino de Santiago is that it helps us get out of our comfort zone. That which puts before us an invisible wall in which there is written a "you can not do it, you can not try it". The routine that prevails in our lives often makes it difficult for us to perform as we would like, live true adventures and take risks, we try, both mentally and physically. The Camino de Santiago, from the outside, looks like an unattainable eight thousand, but what many do not want to recognize is that it is a scalable experience that everyone can adapt to their time and physical conditions. Regardless of our age and what we believe we are capable of, there is a Camino de Santiago waiting for all of us; you just have to organize yourself, prepare yourself with time and be brave, like Sonia and Gonzalo: "We always wanted to give the Camino de Santiago a chance, but the idea of ​​doing it with the children did not convince us of the inconveniences and why they were made In the end we decided this year to go from Sarria and for the surprise the trip has enchanted them, for them they are already their favorite vacations ".

▷ 4. It discovers a millenary and unique tradition

The Camino de Santiago is a very important culture of Spain, of Europe and of all humanity and is a tradition that is worth living, protected and spread by all so that it does not get lost. That is why it is recommended that you do not embark on this adventure as a vacation more, as a career or a beautiful background in which to set your next posts on Instagram; If you want to get the most out of the Camino de Santiago, invest some time in informing yourself about the millenary tradition that keeps as a treasure, its beginnings, the way of life and the sacrifices of the medieval pilgrims and the historical context in which This pilgrimage was born. If you do, when you are walking and visiting some of the most beautiful medieval towns and cities in Spain, you will know how much more you can see what your eyes see.



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