Bad experiences on the Camino de Santiago (how to avoid them)

Avoid some of the most common bad experiences when doing the Camino de Santiago, in any of its routes.

Peregrino en Santiago de Compostela - PxHere

Peregrino en Santiago de Compostela - PxHere

Performing the Camino de Santiago is synonymous with living a lot of different and varied experience, especially if we do the Camino accompanied, in the company of people close to us and with whom you can share the experience without reservations. But beware, because the Camino is not always the paradise place that we always imagine when we plan the trip.

Pilgrims and future pilgrims must take into account certain problems that may arise when making our journey. Some problems that can spoil part of the experience and, in certain cases, are easily solvable taking a little care not to fall into them. Let's review some of the most common.

🗺 Disorienting while walking

If we focus on walking without distractions, not aware of our surroundings, the time may come when we can give up and become disoriented in the middle of a stage. The first thing in these cases is to plan the route well during the previous day, to know well the roads or municipalities through which we will pass, being able to ask in any establishment if we get lost. Of course, carry a map and consult a GPS if necessary: today they are on mobile phones, smart watches, activity wristbands, etc.

🤕 Chafing and other injuries when walking

When walking, especially if we do not have quality clothing, it is possible that chafing begin to occur in our body, being able to reach other more important injuries, especially in the area of the feet. Remember to wear comfortable sportswear, which you have already used, and do not think of brand new tennis or boots on the Camino. Remember to place the backpack well on the hips and not carry the weight on the back. On the other hand, it always has creams and basic material for cures for chafing, sores, etc.

💍 Losing valuables or theft

One of the worst drinks that can happen to us on the Camino de Santiago is the loss of important or valuable objects for us, be it a casual disappearance or a robbery. The first thing is that, for the Way, do not carry valuable belongings - you will not need them. On the other hand, always keep an eye on your belongings when you stop to rest or in shelters, keeping all objects well and leaving nothing on tables, tables, etc. Check well, before leaving, that you carry everything on you and leave nothing behind.

🛏 No place in a public hostel

After a long and hard day of Camino, the worst thing that can happen is to reach a municipality and run out of a place in a public shelter. The places are distributed strictly in order of arrival. We can avoid these problems if we do the Camino in low seasons, since the influx is much smaller. Otherwise, it is advisable to start the stages very early in the morning, to arrive earlier at the destination point and to enjoy the municipality in the afternoon. Remember that the first thing you should do is ask for your place in the public shelter. Otherwise it will be time to pay or spend the night in the open -you can take a small tent for emergencies-.

Peregrinos haciendo el Camino

Peregrinos haciendo el Camino

⏰ Arriving late to a planned transport

In the same way that you can run out of places in a hostel, you can be late for a means of transport: trains, buses, airplanes ... On those days where you plan to use a means of transport, try to get up earlier and leave early of envelope before any unforeseen, like getting lost in the Way. In urgent cases, do not hesitate to use your mobile phone and call a taxi, for example.

🤦‍♂️ That family or friends leave us lying

One of the worst possible experiences is to imagine doing the Camino de Santiago with family, friends or couples, and just before starting the trip they tell us they are not coming. Little can be done about this, since you cannot force anyone and the Way must be a voluntary choice. However, avoid this happening by planning the trip among all the people who intend to go with you. Make it a group experience and everyone gets involved. Also look for the right date for everyone, when unforeseen events are minimized.


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