Is it easy to get lost in the Camino de Santiago?

It is well signposted the way? What indications we will find? If I miss how easy is it to find your way back?

Fernando Borjas
29/09/2016 12:30

Lago Constance, por @fdg7765fdg

Lago Constance, por @fdg7765fdg

Know the signs of the Camino de Santiago

We are facing a more than logical question that anyone who poses the Way for the first time it has come to mind. If we are accustomed to travel, we should already be clear that getting lost is always a possibility is there, but the fact is that it is not the same lost in the subway of a major European city that after traveling tens of kilometers in the natural environment . What creates more uncertainty us is when we take out of our comfort zone, our routine; that's when we become more vulnerable. Therefore it is perfectly normal that doubts assail us, or even if we have already assimilated the possibility, ask what to do in that situation.

As you know, on the Camino de Santiago they conclude many different routes that have nothing to do or influx of pilgrims, either in infrastructure or course in signaling. However, all roads recognized as official by Xacobeo (nine so far) have an approved and marked should not leave doubt the pilgrim route (although not always the case in practice). So it is impossible to miss? The truth is that no. The signals of each route will find them at intersections and junctions of highways or roads, but it is not uncommon for us to overlook if we walk distracted, for example chatting (a fairly common situation). For this not to happen to us we must be especially vigilant at intersections, remembering that signs are recognized scallop, yellow arrow painted by hand, the Cross of Santiago and yellow shell with blue background, although we can find some more.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to miss on some routes than others. We refer of course to the French Way, which use more than 70% of pilgrims each year and in which we will find lots of places, shops, attractions and especially pilgrims, in addition to an abundant and clear signage. For all this, it is relatively difficult to get lost in the French; also if you think it is much easier to find people in the area or other pilgrims who can give us directions.

Our advice is to plan your route in advance, taking some points of interest as reference in each day. A guide hand can be a very useful companion, but you also have the option to consult an online guide app for your smartphone format, Vive Camino de Santiago, Android and iOS. If, despite all precautions you get lost, do not panic if the first time you do the Way, then return to the path loss in most will not take us too long.



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ArnauRG 30/09/16 10:27:47
Como bien dicen en el texto, lo mejor que se puede hacer es planificar la ruta, así se evitan luego disgustos. No obstante, y como ya comenté en alguna ocasión, viajar acompañado es una de las mejores opciones para realizar el Camino.
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Héctor 29/09/16 18:52:12
El Camino del Sureste debería tener la misma señalización que la Vía de la Plata o el Camino Francés. Tengo pensado hacerlo en el futuro. Pero es difícil encontrar su señalización, salvo en puntos concretos de la AUTOVIA Jajajaja...peligroso caminar por ahí. Si alguien ha hecho el Camino del Sureste, me podría orientar un poco? Gracias de antemano.
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Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz 30/09/2016 11:55:59
Hola Héctor, sacaremos tu consulta en nuestras redes sociales para que también te puedan aconsejar. ¡Un saludo!
Pedro Gómez
Pedro Gómez 29/09/16 13:28:52
Yo me perdería fijo, ¿pero también es lo bonito no? la aventura... la exploración...
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David Romero
David Romero 29/09/2016 18:54:29
... Quedarse sin agua... Sin comida.. embarrassed
Pepe AM
Pepe AM 29/09/16 13:21:53
Supongo que será como todo... habrá quien se pierda cada 100 metros y quien no se pierda nunca porque se orienta bien. De todas formas, como dicen en el articulo, hay Caminos más sencillos que otros, y con las nuevas tecnologías de GPS en los moviles, no será fácil perderse.
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mabel 02/10/2016 19:08:01
No me asusten que no soy muy "orientada"!!,saldré sola al camino; veré si mi celu acepta una aplicación( no es de los más modernos)rolleyes

Fer de Argentina
Fer de Argentina 30/09/2016 16:12:01
Dice lo cierto Pepe AM aquí: un smartphone con GPS ayuda mucho a no perderse: hay aplicaciones que marcan el recorrido del Camino e indican tu posición.
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