How much can the Camino de Santiago cost?

Money always has its small part of prominence in any project of our life. The Camino de Santiago is not an exception. So let's take a quick look at some probable expenses you'll have to have. Although obviously, everyone faces life in a way and these figures can vary a lot, not to mention that unexpected things always happen.

¿Cuánto cuesta el Camino de Santiago?

¿Cuánto cuesta el Camino de Santiago?


You will need to buy some boots. It is not recommended that the first to do the Camino, but they are relatively new. The prices vary a lot, but it is difficult to find something acceptable for less than 70 euros. In fact, those of good quality usually exceed 300 euros.
You should also wear secondary shoes and more comfortable to let your feet rest at the end of each stage. In this case, you can use one that you already had before.

Do not forget to buy a few good socks that are fat, breathable and seamless. Each pair will cost you at least 10 euros.
You will also need some mountain pants. Prices vary a lot and will depend on whether you make the road in winter or summer. In principle they should be between 10 and 50 euros, but it depends on the materials. There are mountain pants that exceed 100 euros, although we do not think you will need them.


Even if you think of cooking yourself in the kitchens of hostels, you will most likely end up spending something on food and water every day. A reasonable amount would be 10 to 20 euros per day, but of course, depends on many factors such as the time you have or the weather, for example.


We know that in many you can leave the will, but if you have the will to do the Way, you must also have it that is still possible. So we will say that you must spend at least 10 euros on sleeping every night.

¿Cuánto puede costar el Camino de Santiago?

¿Cuánto puede costar el Camino de Santiago?

Other expenses

There are always unforeseen events and even if you have made "the best backpack in the world" there will always be something to buy. Maybe water, toilet paper, clothespins, some medicine like betadine, antihistamine, bandages ... maybe you have not forgotten anything, but you can still lose it during the trip. That is why they are called unforeseen.

Surely also spend some money on memories and relax once you finish the journey. Many times it is not so much what is spent while walking, as what is spent afterwards.

Make a budget

If you're worried about the money you're going to spend, it's best to make a budget. Consult people who have already done so, in forums such as Vive el Camino, associations, etc. Each one will tell you something, but since you are the best known, you can make a good estimate based on your experiences.

If you get out of budget or during the Camino something unexpected happens that makes you spend more, you can borrow money and make the payment later or pay it little by little in installments. Of course, this will entail some interests, but for many it is more convenient to pay a little more in small parts, than to make a great and unique payment.

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xacobito 19/01/18 14:48:03
El calzado de buena calidad no siempre supera los 300 euros. Puede que para situaciones más específicas pero no para los distintos tramos del de los distintos Caminos de Santiago en condiciones normales. Por el contrario, y en la mayoría de los casos, ronda más bien la mitad de esa cifra cuando llevan gore-tex y la cuarta parte, unos 40 € cuando no.

Sobre el alojamiento, me ha sorprendido muy gratamente la afirmación: "Sabemos que en muchos puedes dejar la voluntad, pero si tienes voluntad de hacer el Camino, también debes tenerla de que siga siendo posible.". Muy sugerente, muy bien estructurada y un gran acierto en tus palabras. Así debe ser.

Sobre el presupuesto es algo "muy sano" valorar previamente los posibles gastos y no gastarse lo que uno no tiene. Salirse de presupuesto en el Camino de Santiago es algo bastante dificil cuando se es prudente y se va con una actitud comedida y austera. No pasa por alto que los transportes pueden suponer muchísimo dinero cuando se viaja desde lugares muy lejanos: Eso es un "fijo" con el que se debe contar antes de iniciar el viaje. Una vez finalizado y disfrutado, salvo "Grandes Viajes", no tiene ningún sentido seguir pagando ningún préstamo+intereses (como el del enlace oculto) y menos en el Camino de Santiago.

Por lo demás, buenos consejos.
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