Reasons to encourage you to walk the Camino de Santiago this year

What led more than 300,000 pilgrims in 2017 to travel the Camino de Santiago? What are the pilgrims looking for in this life experience?

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

7 reasons to do the Camino de Santiago on vacation

If you are still hesitating between the pros and cons that you will find if you decide to do the Camino de Santiago this year, here are some good reasons to start living the experience. The Jacobean route has experienced a huge growth in popularity among people from all over the world, which is preceded by inflow records such as the shake in December 2017, when the number of 301,006 pilgrims arrived in Santiago de Compostela was reached in a single natural year.

The most complete trip: culture, history, gastronomy, sport ...

Surely you already know that the Camino de Santiago is an atypical experience for the traveler: walking tens or hundreds of kilometers to a destination enjoying an incomparable environment. The Camino de Santiago offers you an enormous historical and artistic heritage distributed in localities that you would surely not get to know otherwise, towns and cities that will also surprise you with its gastronomy. You can enjoy all this in a step-by-step journey, with the benefits for your physical health that this entails, and whose total distance you always plan.

Enjoy unforgettable landscapes

In your tour of the Camino de Santiago routes you will travel tens of kilometers, crossing seven provinces, in the case of the French Way. You will be able to enjoy, just to name a few, the mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees, the Galician eucalyptus forests, the Castilian plateau or the Cantabrian coast, in the case of the Camino del Norte. It is difficult to match the variety and landscape quality that gives us a walking route such as the Camino de Santiago

Discover the Jacobean spirit

The Jacobean spirit is the feeling of fraternity, empathy and solidarity that has always characterized the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. It is to support each other, share knowledge and advice from veteran pilgrims to novice walkers, always be willing to help, help or chat, even though we may never see each other again. It is also the hospitality of the people of the Camino de Santiago they see every year thousands of pilgrims in front of their houses.

Disconnect completely from the routine

The Camino de Santiago manages to pull the routine from the first stage, and is tremendously effective in it. You will meet dozens of pilgrims and their life experiences, you will sleep each night in a different bed, you will enjoy like never filling your stomach after each stage ... On the Camino the concept of Monday, Friday or Saturday is not important; The last thing you will remember, for a few days, is the office and your obligations.

Test our own limits

We will all agree that walking 20 km a day without interruption for days or weeks is not a usual activity in anyone's daily life. The pilgrimage to Santiago is an unforgettable trip, but also a vital experience that puts us to the test, both physically and mentally, and is that the Camino de Santiago does not begin with the first step, it begins weeks before, with the previous preparation that you must take finished. Many pilgrims discover a new meaning for the words perseverance and will, very positive values ​​that we can then transfer to our daily life.

Traveling leaving the comfort zone

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, as we traditionally know it, is a totally different plan than what many travelers are accustomed to. On the Camino de Santiago you will not find tourist guides to follow, if you do not sign on your route and other pilgrims who walk like you. It is you who must organize your route, the stages, the time you are going to dedicate ...

Find yourself

If you are going to have something at your disposal on the Camino de Santiago, it is time to reflect. Time to think carefully about what is truly important in life, if we are satisfied with who we are, if we do enough for others ... In short, basic and much-needed questions about our lifestyle, but surely we always leave at the end from our list of priorities. The silence of the Camino de Santiago is the perfect canvas so that you can finally free all your thoughts.

These are just a few reasons to fly for which it is really worth trying the Camino de Santiago experience, but there are many more. Which ones are yours?



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