Walking sticks for the Camino de Santiago: Are they necessary?

The sticks and staffs help you adding more support points while you walk, so they increase the balance as well as being very useful in descents and climbs.

Fernando Borjas
23/04/2018 18:06

Bastones para el Camino de Santiago ¿Son necesarios?

Bastones para el Camino de Santiago ¿Son necesarios?


Why use walking sticks to make the Camino de Santiago?

The use of walking sticks or staffs, although not essential, is highly recommended for pilgrims. In the case of the bordón, it has been used for centuries by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (who not only used it to walk, but also to defend themselves) and it is already a symbol. The traditional trekking stick is more modern and adds some advantages that we explain below. Let's see the differences between staff and cane

Is it better to use a walking stick? Differences

The staff, the "pilgrim's third foot", is nothing else than the long wooden stick with a metal tip that is so associated with the Camino de Santiago. It is a traditional iconic element of the pilgrims (it was already spoken of in the Calixtino Codex), who even have an emotional bond with it, decorating it, carving it or tying it with Santiago shells. They usually come from chestnut wood and must exceed the height of the shoulders of the pilgrim as a general rule.

On the other hand, the hiking sticks (in the photo above), much more modern, are more associated with the world of the mountain, since they are of great help in large climbs or descents of slopes. More and more are seen on the Camino de Santiago; the pilgrims may wear one or two, regulating them so that they reach the height of the elbows. They can be constructed from aluminum, steel or carbon fiber, are generally light, have straps to tie them to the wrists and extensible rods. Thanks to this they can be kept contracted in a suitcase or backpack, being easily transportable.

The choice between traditional staff or hiking sticks is yours alone, since both are perfectly functional to travel the Camino de Santiago with greater confidence, increasing our support points in the field.

Advantages of using walking sticks or staff on the Camino de Santiago

1. They serve to mark the constant pace of our step, something important in walks of 25 or 30 km.

2. They help us to advance confidently in difficult terrain, down or up, without having to carry all the weight on the knees or ankles.

3. They add extra support points to our body, improving balance, reducing fatigue.

4. Hiking poles are foldable; they can be adjusted in height and save them taking up little space. This is perfect for example to travel by plane without having to bill them. Also, walking, if you want to have your hands free, you can fold them and hook them to your backpack.


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fullspam 26/04/18 12:09:37
La cinta (dragonera) sirve para cargar el peso del brazo, por lo que no es para la muñeca a no ser que te quieras lesionar. Se debe utilizar para meter la mano con el pulgar por fuera a la vez que se sujeta el pomo -por eso tiene ajuste- o introduciendola entera pero apoyando en la parte anterior del pulgar sin llegar a la muñeca, de manera que el propio peso del brazo empuje el bastón hacia atrás ayudando a avanzar.
Son muy útiles bien utilizados, y un desastre si se apoya mal el peso.
Entre bordón y bastones, lo siento pero la opción es claramente favorable a los bastones
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Monica Orange 06/05/2018 01:45:12
Recien me inicio en el tema, estoy leyendo todo lo que pueda, me parece que me voy a decidir por los bastones.
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