Bicycle rental on the Camino de Santiago

Doing the Camino de Santiago by bicycle is possible and, luckily, we have companies that allow us to rent these to guarantee the comfort of the pilgrims.

Alquiler de bicicletas | Envato

Alquiler de bicicletas | Envato

Bike rental to do the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago has the power to unite people from all over the world to create a completely unique experience. It is a trip in which pilgrims come together to not only discover the wonders scattered along the way, but also share anecdotes and stories on their way to Santiago. However, there are those who decide to make the journey a little more comfortably and this is thanks to the use of the bicycle.

The so-called bicigrinos are those pilgrims who dare to make their way by bicycle. Of course, being aware that, if they want to achieve Compostelana, they need to meet some minimum requirements along the way. After all, the mileage traveled to the end cannot be less than 200 km. This is because, although the route by bicycle can be quite a challenge, the reality is that it is less complex than for those who do this route on foot.

However, when planning our trip, should we think directly about taking the bicycle with us from our home? This can be a bit burdensome, especially for those pilgrims who must travel from another country or even begin their journey from Almería. It can also be complex for those who do not have a bicycle ready or even lack a bicycle altogether.

Whatever your case, you should know that it is not mandatory to start the journey with a bicycle that we bring from our house. There are specialized companies that, today, work on the Jacobean Routes to, in this way, provide all pilgrims with the possibility of taking a bicycle with them for their chosen route.

Companies available to rent bicycles to do the Camino de Santiago

Just as there are many routes to complete the Camino de Santiago, there are also a variety of companies that are responsible for offering bicycle rental to complete the route. Next, we are going to share with you some of the available companies as well as the options they have.

Astur E-Bikes

Although its location is in Asturias, this company offers service for the Camino Francés, the Camino Primitivo as well as the Camino del Norte. In addition, this company is a specialist in electric bicycles, although they also offer pilgrims the option of choosing other types of bicycles.


It may be one of the best-known companies in bicycle rental for the Camino de Santiago. Another interesting aspect of this company is that it has all types of bicycles, offering both mountain bikes, road bikes... As well as tandem, so it is an interesting option for those pilgrims who want to travel the route accompanied.


This company is located in Lugo, ideally located in the heart of the Camino del Norte. An interesting proposal from this company that offers us mountain bikes as well as e-bikes, which send us to the point where we start the path as well as with the necessary equipment.


As its name indicates, it is a company located in León, highlighting the fact that it is a company located on the Camino Francés. One of the most striking points of this company is that it has a wide catalog of bicycles for rent as well as including in its services the option of delivery and collection, insurance, assistance and equipment.


This company has two types of bicycles but, as they indicate, they are safe as well as prepared to travel the route in complete safety. These are two models of bicycles specially prepared to withstand any type of terrain, thus guaranteeing that pilgrims can make their route in complete comfort.


It is a quite popular option since it provides all the comforts for pilgrims. Not only do they send the bicycle to the point of starting the route, but they also include in their services the bicycles that best adapt to your situation as well as all the accessories. In this way they seek the greatest comfort for pilgrims.

Alquiler de bicicletas | Envato

Alquiler de bicicletas | Envato

Burgos Bike Rental

Based in Burgos, we have this company that offers bicycle rental on the Camino Francés. These are fully equipped as well as adapted to all sizes, so there will even be options to rent electric bicycles.

Cycling the road

One of the strong points of this company is its privileged location and it is located in the heart of Santiago. Therefore, it is a very attractive option for those who want to start the journey in any area since they provide service anywhere and at any beginning of the route.


Although this is a company specialized in providing service from Burgos to Santiago to offer support on the Camino Francés, you can also talk to them to indicate another collection point. In addition, they provide advice as well as all kinds of necessary accessories.


They have several types of bicycles and have everything necessary to meet the needs of pilgrims. In addition to this, it is a company located in the heart of Santiago that can offer you not only great prices, but also reduce costs if you leave the bicycle in Santiago itself, at its headquarters.

What should you look at before renting a bicycle?

Not all bicycles are the same just as not all pilgrims need the same thing. Therefore, it is important that when renting your bicycle you take all the points into account, especially since this vehicle will be your companion along the route. And just as it is important to have good footwear to withstand the road, it is extremely important to have a good bicycle to help you complete the route.

  • First of all, check the condition of the bicycle - Remember that it will be your companion on this adventure, so it is extremely important that it is in good condition. Check that, once delivered, it has the appropriate tire pressure as well as a brake system in perfect condition.
  • Take a look at the contract, insurance and guarantee - Check each of the points that companies mark in their contract as well as in the insurance. Remember that, along the way, anything can happen.
  • Don't forget the accessories - Just as it is important to have our backpack with all the necessary equipment, we cannot overlook that we need all the accessories to be able to travel comfortably by bicycle.
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