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The blue trails are itineraries that start from beaches, ports or interpretation centers that have the blue flag, highlighting different natural spaces of cultural and patrimonial interest

Sendero a la playa de Malpica - KevinAlexanderGeorge/iStock

Sendero a la playa de Malpica - KevinAlexanderGeorge/iStock

What are the blue trails?

The blue trails are routes that serve as communication for the ports and beaches that have the blue flag. These routes contribute to caring for the environment and conserving natural heritage.

The blue trails are itineraries that start from beaches, ports or interpretation centers that have the valued blue flag. The objective of this initiative is to promote the connection of places with a blue flag to value natural spaces and those of cultural and heritage interest.

Among the different types of blue trails are the old coastal paths and coastal paths that have been recovered after several centuries. The title of the blue path recognizes and rewards the effort to transform the coastal paths for recreational, sports, tourist activities, etc.

Requirements to be a blue trail

The recognition of rewarding a path as a blue path corresponds to the municipalities and local administrations. In addition, it is promoted by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) and has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

For a route to become a blue trail, entities must ensure that the environment is adequately prepared and that the necessary requirements for its appointment are met. As a conclusion, old roads and natural paths are recovered that serve as tourist resources and to carry out various activities that respect the environment at all times.

A specific requirement that a blue trail must have is that it have a beach, marina or an interpretation center with a blue flag and a length of at least 500 meters. The path must be signposted with explanatory panels where the habitat, fauna, flora and the route to follow are described. In addition, it must be accessible for people with reduced mobility and construction must use ecological and natural materials, as well as have showers and toilets.

List of blue trails in Galicia

Galicia is the community that has the largest number of blue trails in the entire Spanish territory. In Pontevedra there are no more and no less than 18 routes, while Coruña has 7 and Lugo with 5. All of them are home to wonderful hiking routes where you can enjoy the beaches and marinas with the blue flag. Here is a list of the blue trails that Galicia has:

A Coruña

  • Senda Azul Litoral de A Coruña - A Coruña
  • Sendeiro de Saldoiro - A Laracha
  • Senda Litoral de Arteixo - Arteixo
  •  Sendero Litoral de Boiro - Boiro
  • Sendero Costa da Morte - Camariñas
  • Senda do Mar Razo - Baldayo - Carballo
  • Costa Libre - Oleiros


  • Sendero Azul Ruta del Litoral Burelés - Burela
  • Sendero Azul O Torno - Cervo
  • Paseo Ruta de las Playas de Foz - Foz
  • Sendero Praia de Abrela – Punta Socastro (Fuciño do Porco) - O Vicedo
  • Ruta do Faro de Illa Pancha a As Aceas - Ribadeo


  • Senda Litoral de A Guarda - A Guarda
  • Senda Perimetral Bao-Xastelas - A Illa de Arousa
  • Sendero de Cabo Udra - Bueu
  • Roteiro de Donón - Cangas do Morrazo
  • Red de Senderos Azules de Marín - Sanxenxo

1. Tramo Ruta das Praias
2. Tramo Ruta de los Cinco Miradores
3. Tramo Ruta Montes e Praias

  • Camiño Real - Moaña
  • Sendeiro Azul do Río Verdugo - Ponte Caldelas
  • Red de Senderos Azules de Sanxenxo - Sanxenxo

1. Tramo Sendero Mágico de A Lanzada
2. Tramo Major - Montalvo
3. Tramo Montalvo - Paxariñas
4. Tramo Canelas - Punta Cabicastro
5. Tramo Sanxenxo - Portonovo
6. Tramo Areas -Punta Festiñazo

  • Red de Senderos Azules de Vigo - Vigo

1. Senda Entre Faros Illas Cíes
2. Senda Litoral do Monte da Guía
3. Senda de ribera y litoral: Camiño á Beiramar


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