Do the Camino de Santiago in February: What should you know?

What should you know to do the Camino de Santiago in February? It is necessary to take into account all the advantages, disadvantages and the most convenient routes.

Camino de Santiago - Mercedes Rancaño Otero/iStock

Camino de Santiago - Mercedes Rancaño Otero/iStock

✅Why do the Camino de Santiago in February?🌲

Deciding on the best time to complete the Camino de Santiago is impossible. The tastes and preferences of each person are different and while some move away from the agglomerations all that others can want to meet pilgrims from all parts of the world.

Although the most common is to make the Camino de Santiago during the summer months, there are other pilgrims who prefer to go against the tide and live the experience in other months of the year, such as in February. The month of February has its advantages and disadvantages for pilgrims, however, doing the Camino during this month is a unique experience for those who decide to do it.

▶Advantages of doing the Camino de Santiago in February👍

1. Perform the Path away from the crowds

If someone seeks to make the Way away from crowds and with greater peace of mind, February is one of the best to do it. In February the number of pilgrims decreases enormously and example of this are the data for the year 2019. In February of the year 2019 only 2119 people traveled the Camino compared to the 62814 who made it in August.

2. Avoid suffocating heat

An important factor when choosing the best time to complete the Camino de Santiago is the weather. Although there are exceptions, during the month of February temperatures are generally cooler so it is perfect for those people who avoid suffocating heat at all costs.

3. A different experience

Performing the Camino de Santiago in the month of February is totally different from doing the Camino during the summer months. This month helps make the experience quieter and that we can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes on the different routes from another perspective. In addition, during the month of February carnivals are celebrated and you can enjoy them in cities that cross the Camino such as Pontevedra, Avilés or Mérida among many others.

▶Disadvantages of doing the Camino de Santiago in February👎

1. Some shelters close their doors

Doing the Camino in winter can be a bit tedious when it comes to finding accommodation. During this time, as the flow of pilgrims who travel the Camino de Santiago is better, many of the shelters close. This means that sometimes you have to resort to a hostel or hotel to rest and follow the route the next day.

2. The rain as a traveling companion

Everyone knows that the further north of the Spanish map we go, the temperatures are cooler and the rains more frequent, and more during the winter months. If you walk the Camino de Santiago in February, it is most likely that some section of the route will be passed through water. This fact may be annoying, but with the right clothes, it is no impediment to finish each stage. In addition, the effect that rain causes nature will allow you to observe spectacular landscapes.

▶Which route is more convenient to do the Camino in February?👌

To choose a route or another, the factors that must be taken into account are the weather of each era and the time we have. Doing the Camino de Santiago in a week shortens the possibilities of making a completely complete route, while both heat and cold can hinder the beautiful experience of the Camino de Santiago.

During the month of February, any of the Jacobean routes has good conditions, however it is necessary to take into account the low temperatures and how to take advantage of it. In February you can take advantage of the cold to make routes such as the Mozárabe Road or the Vía de la Plata from Seville or Mérida, to enjoy its landscapes without having to expose yourself to the high temperatures they have during the hot months.


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