Doing the Camino de Santiago in May: What should you know?

We tell you why you should do the Camino de Santiago in May, including its advantages, disadvantages and most popular festivals.

Peregrinos | Envato

Peregrinos | Envato

Why do the Camino de Santiago in May?

May is one of the ideal months to do the Camino de Santiago, and possibly the last great option before the arrival of the heat. And it is that from Vive Camino we have already recommended you to discard, as far as possible, doing the Camino de Santiago in summer due to high temperatures.

Primavera is a highly recommended alternative, without going any further, the optimal one for both veterans or those who are going to start their first route. The temperatures are pleasant during the day, not dropping too much at night; without giving rise to much rainfall either.

On the other hand, and no less important, in the same way as the Camino de Santiago in April or the Camino de Santiago in March, we are talking about a month in which the presence of pilgrims has not yet begun to emerge in the hostels or in the roads, making the stages very pleasant and allowing us to move forward without many problems.

Advantages of doing the Camino de Santiago in May

There are several reasons why you should do the Camino de Santiago in May compared to the rest of the months. Let's look at some of the most weighty points in this decision.

Nice weather

Undoubtedly one of the characteristics that weighs the most on the rest. In May we still find pleasant temperatures. Not too hot, not too cold. We are at the gates of summer and therefore at high temperatures, so May is without a doubt the last option we will find on the calendar to be able to enjoy a trip without too much inclement weather.

Less crowds

Doing the Camino de Santiago in company is quite an experience, and you don't have to leave the starting point with people! We mean meeting other pilgrims and making friends with them. However, and although this is one of the magical details of any route, it can become a real nuisance if the stages are too busy. In May we still enjoy paths that are not too crowded compared to other months like summer, so it also adds points in favor.

Camino de Santiago | Envato

Camino de Santiago | Envato

more affordable prices

As it is a month to the limit of entering the high season, we can still enjoy more affordable prices in hostels and restaurants among other services distributed throughout the Camino de Santiago. Another point that adds to your route a more bearable trip and incidentally, also cheaper.

longer days

In Vive Camino we have recommended you to do the Camino de Santiago in spring. Whether you are a connoisseur of the different routes or a recently arrived pilgrim, this time of year is perfect for many reasons that we have already explained to you above. However, May adds one more characteristic with respect to the rest of the months: the days are longer. Due to the time change, in the weeks of May you will enjoy more daylight hours, ideal to enjoy more and better the landscapes and monuments that you will find on your trip.

Disadvantages of doing the Camino de Santiago in May

Despite the fact that the Camino de Santiago may have some more than interesting positive points for the month of May that make us tip the balance in favor of starting the route this month, they can also add disadvantages that throw us back.

A still somewhat variable climate

There is no doubt that May is a month in which good weather is present, but in which the rains can ruin the stage, especially in the north. Having some of the best raincoats for the Camino de Santiago or the recommended boots for the Camino de Santiago will be an essential part of our luggage.

Beware of seasonal allergies

If you are prone to seasonal allergies, May can be a difficult month to do the Camino de Santiago due to the increase in pollen in the air. Remember to take with you everything you need to avoid symptoms that may cause discomfort or make it difficult, in the worst case, to walk.

Peregrino | Envato

Peregrino | Envato

Fewer accommodation options

May is a month in which the roads will still be far from the presence of pilgrims at the level seen in summer. As we mentioned before, this also affects the price of certain hostels and restaurants. But although we are talking about low season on the Camino de Santiago, the truth is that this phase may be linked to a temporary closure of some hostels. We recommend that you make sure that these types of establishments are open during the preparation of the tour.

May is a month full of very popular festivals in Galicia and with great representation throughout Spain. The last month before summer begins on May 1 with the Trout Festival in A Pontenova (Lugo). A celebration that has been attracting fishermen from all over Galicia for more than three decades. Along the Eo River, fishermen will show off their best angling skills.

The Festa dos Maios is one of the most important festivities in all of Galicia. An event that is celebrated in Ourense and whose ancestral origin leads us to be in harmony with nature. The parades, dances and songs are some of the activities prepared for this event that is celebrated on the first day of the month of May, although it is not strange to delay it.

Festa da Romaxe das Cruces, in Ribadeo, is another of the festivities that no tourist, Galician or pilgrim should miss. The city hosts various pilgrimages at the end of May (generally coinciding with Pentecost Monday) to bless the fields. To all this we must also highlight the representation of the expulsion of Napoleon's army in 1809 by the residents of Ribadeo themselves.

In the second half of May we can find a gastronomic festival that will delight the best palates. It is the Festa do Choco de Redondela. An ideal event to enjoy the local gastronomy through the tasting of what is considered the best choco in the world.


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