Galician legend: Atlantis in Malpica de Bergantiños?

As many of you know, Atlantis may have been submerged after a natural disaster, probably a tsunami triggered by an earthquake or a volcano 

Atlantis is probably one of the most famous mythological civilizations and cities. It was an island with an advanced and rich civilization that was mentioned and described in the texts of the Greek philosopher Plato. For hundreds of years, adventurers and archaeologists seek the ruins of this impressive civilization in different parts of the world although, of course, there are many who think that Atlantis never existed too. However, think and believe it is obviously much more beautiful and interesting.

Malpica de Bergantiños

Malpica de Bergantiños

There are few that put Atlantis in different parts of Spain, mainly in the marshes of Doñana, where it seems confirmed, due to remains of buildings, there lived a major civilization. If it is a true story or a story of Plato it is something that, today, we can not know ... but we can tell you one of the most famous legends of Galicia and has been collected in several books and publications. Is the Atlantis could be in Galicia?

As many know, Atlantis may have been submerged after a natural disaster, possibly a tsunami triggered by an earthquake or a volcano, in the Atlantic Ocean or, according to other opinions, in the Mediterranean Sea. According to Plato, the Atlanteans had been punished by the gods. However, for veterans sailors the seaside village of Malpica, Atlantis is still very real, and indeed is visible on certain occasions.

Malpica de Bergantiños

Malpica de Bergantiños

The fishermen of this popular village of the Costa da Morte, 52 km of La Coruna, know that 10 miles to the west, can be a great boulders protruding above the sea. Sometimes, according to the tide, they can be seen in these rocks large stone walls and even stairs.These remains belong to a large town or city that could be swallowed up by the sea, and there are few that relate directly to the legend of Atlantis.

According to the legend of the fishing village, the gods allowed the good people of Atlantis had time to escape the city before being flooded. In fact, stone fled in boats to the east, reaching Galicia. Many became saints, and formed the great shrines of the Galician coast: San Adrian came to Malpica and San Andres Teixido, among others.

Do you think that Atlantis really existed or is a story of Plato? Where do you think that Atlantis was?



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Recent activity
correjaco 12/07/16 07:43:43
Puestos a aceptar leyendas por que no lo de Bergantiños, más que nada por el entorno, Doñana por ejemplo es todo calma y remansos de paz...
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Pedro Gómez
Pedro Gómez 11/07/16 20:20:44
Yo me creo más la versión del Parque nacional de Doñana, tiene más sentido.
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David Romero
David Romero 11/07/16 16:19:10
¿Que exista la Atlántida? Un mito. ¿Que en su día ahí hubiera una civilización? Totalmente plausible, quizás un pequeño torreón defensivo para controlar el horizonte.
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Pepe AM
Pepe AM 11/07/2016 16:44:17
Creo que la Atlántida, lejos de ser un cuento, existió de verdad y, probablemente, fueran los Tartesios. Y no, no creo que estuviera en Malpica, pero la leyenda es muy bonita y seguro que se conserva de generación en generación.
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