Las mejores frases del Camino de Santiago recopiladas

Phrases of the Way of St. James: The best phrases

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient route that begins with the birth of the pilgrimage routes to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, from the ninth century. The Way of St. James had an unparalleled power of attraction among Christians throughout Europe, becoming one of the most important trade routes of its time, later experienced a decline until the twentieth century, in whose last decades began to take off again in popularity.
The legacy of the Camino de Santiago, treasured for centuries, consists not only of its tangible heritage, such as its cathedrals, pilgrims' hospices or monuments, but also of the oral tradition of its people. A fundamental part of this tradition lives in a huge collection of sayings, proverbs and idioms that are still heard today as we walk along the pilgrimage routes.
The proverbs of the pilgrims are endless, so we have put together a simple selection of expressions full of meaning (some of them are born from historical figures related to the Camino de Santiago). Many of them cannot be understood if we separate them from their time and perhaps it is not the best idea to judge them with today's eyes.

List of the best phrases of the Camino de Santiago

Positive phrases

  • It is never too late to find the way
  • The road begins at the very moment you decide to do it. 
  • A pilgrim without a good mood is like a world without color.
  • The Camino is not walked, it is lived
  • Each pilgrim finds his own miracle on the Camino.
  • The miracle of the Camino is that it turns normal things into magic.
  • A pilgrim without a good mood is like a world without color.
  • The road begins at the door of your house

Food phrases

  • With bread and wine you walk the road
  • You won't see a pilgrim without his wineskin
  • Good wine brings the pilgrim back to life.
  • The pilgrim who leaves his staff behind is not a drunkard, but a drunkard
  • The pilgrim, sooner without his staff than without his wineskin
  • With wine and bacon there is no cold or bad way.
  • To the rosemary who dries up his bread in his bag, do not pity him.
  • Water, meat and wine, pilgrim food

Phrases of friendship

  • Prisons and roads make friends
  • Roads make friends
  • On long roads friends meet friends

Reflective phrases

  • Only the thoughts that come to us while we are walking are of value (Nietzsche)
  • Walker there is no Way, the Way is made by walking (Antonio Machado)
  • Europe was made by pilgrimage to Compostela (Goethe)
  • Santiago is not the end of the Camino, but the beginning (Paulo Coelho)
  • Life always teaches us more than the road to Santiago, but we don't have much faith in what life teaches us (Paulo Coelho)
  • Pilgrims have many inns and few friends (Fernando de Rojas)
  • The road to the summit is like the road to oneself: a solitary march.
  • The road has no end, our steps do
  • Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim
  • On the Camino you are a pilgrim, but if you leave it alone you are a wanderer
  • Don't judge my route without whitewashing my boots
  • Camino de Santiago: both the lame and the healthy walk.
  • The tourist demands, the pilgrim appreciates
  • In Samos, whoever embraces the cypress tree, finishes the Camino without bad feet.
  • Better an old road than a new path
  • On a long road, a short step
  • The Camino gives more than it receives
  • To go on pilgrimage is to pray with one's feet
  • The habit does not make the monk and neither does the pilgrim
  • Poets, painters and pilgrims, in doing and saying are soothsayers
  • The petty man's money goes twice the way.
  • Woe betide the pilgrim who speaks ill of his staff.
  • Never leave the road for the path.

Phrases of overcoming

  • There is no pilgrim on the Camino who is afraid of the dew.
  • Pilgrimage is not only walking and walking through unknown lands towards a sanctuary, is to make you better every day you walk...
  • It is not always the best way is the shortest one
  • Each path belongs to each pilgrim, and that is why the "Camino" is very different for each pilgrim.
  • The Camino is like life: it has experiences
  • The tourist travels, the hiker walks, the pilgrim searches
  • The Camino de Santiago is a path to the interior of oneself.
  • The rain in the morning does not stop the pilgrim
  • Don't feel frustrated for not arriving, because you know that you will get there in the end

Funny phrases

  • One hour sleeps the rooster, two the horse, three the saint, four the saint who is not so much, five the capuchin, six the pilgrim, seven the walker, eight the student, nine the gentleman, ten the beggar, eleven the boy and twelve the drunkard.
  • On the French Way they give a pig in a poke
  • When the blind lead, woe to those who follow them!
  • Pilgrim's bag, often empty

Do you know any more phrases used by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago?

This list of phrases from the Camino de Santiago is just a fragment of the dormant Jacobean oral tradition; we would not want it to be lost, so we encourage you to contribute any expressions and sayings you know in the comments so we can add them. ¡Buen Camino! 
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Fernando Cammarota Cammarota
Fernando Cammarota Cammarota 02/02/19 20:43:37


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Sin avatar
Irahc 31/01/19 18:55:25
"Hay dos maneras de hacer el camino: una es buscar a Dios y encontrase a sí mismo y la otra es buscarse a sí mismo y encontrar a Dios". Te Llevaré al Fin de Mundo. Austria-Alemania
2 0
lvalmat .
lvalmat . 27/01/19 13:20:16
Ahí va otra frase:
Con pan y vino se anda el Camino más con pan , vino y jamón se anda mejor
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Toi To
Toi To 27/01/19 12:52:26
"encuentra tu lugar de paz"

"encuentra tu lugar de paz"

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Isidro Martinez Rojas 26/01/19 20:06:52
*el camino nos la posibilidad de poder pensar en todo aquello que de verdad nos debiera importar en nuestra vida:La familia,los amigos y algo tan importante como es pensar en nosotros mismos,lo que queremos,lo que sentimos y donde queremos ir para darle sentido a esta que es nuestra vida.
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Isidro Martinez Rojas 26/01/19 17:26:50
El camino es una forma de vida en la que aprendes a valorar todas aquellas cosas que de verdad valen la pena,la familia,la amistad,la naturaleza que te rodea dejando en un segundo plano todo lo material.El camino es vida
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Tarsicio 26/01/19 11:45:57
Hay una que se repite en la lista:Un peregrino sin buen humor,es como un mundo sin color. Y hablando del humor, ahí va la mía, es esta: "Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar, pero apártate del camino si te dan ganas de ..."? (termina en "ar")
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Angel Sotomayor Rodríguez 26/01/19 09:25:40
Chupito, cerveza y vino gasolina del peregrino
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america 26/01/2019 10:22:32
y buenas viandas............
didacbaez 25/01/19 20:00:54
Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.
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Sin avatar
america 26/01/2019 10:20:55
y al volver la vista atrás, se ve la senda que nunca se a de volver a pisar........

caminante no hay camino...
Borja Aldea
Borja Aldea 20/01/19 20:34:15
* El verdadero camino comienza de vuelta a casa.
* El Camino nos hace a todos iguales.
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Sin avatar
pauloantunes 21/11/2020 00:54:52
@loves_galicia, @loves_camino

@loves_galicia, @loves_camino

Fernando Cammarota Cammarota
Fernando Cammarota Cammarota 23/01/2019 21:09:23
El turista exige, el peregrino agradece
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