Six tips to enjoy the Camino de Santiago to the fullest

Thinking about taking the backpack and get going? If you want to make the experience unforgettable and find your place on the Camino de Santiago, do not forget to follow these tips

Actitudes con las que todo peregrino debe afrontar el Camino antes de partir

Actitudes con las que todo peregrino debe afrontar el Camino antes de partir

Every week we get messages about your plans to embark on the Camino de Santiago; messages filled with doubts, especially the debutantes walkers, but full of enthusiasm for the adventure that is to come. Well you are about to start your journey or you are beginning to tie the first strands face from the next first head, we want to give you some advice before even taking the first step.

Normally when we talk about preparations before we start to do the Camino or what we should not miss in our backpack to cover all our needs, we almost always leave aside the mental disposition that this adventure requires, the attitudes that most will help us to do the I walk a more enriching experience. Not being positive we are no longer realistic, we will be satisfied that every pilgrim at least collect a drop of each of these tips and mix well in his head.

Confidence in self

 The Camino, depending on where we join the road, is a physical and mental test that is not usual to face every day, especially coming many of us from sedentary and routine urban environments. At the beginning, we will automatically see ourselves outside our comfort zone, but that does not detract from the mood; Is precisely what we were looking for, right? If you trust in your abilities, but at the same time you are aware of your limitations with humility, you will find your place on the Camino quickly.

Patience to arrive

It is not the before or the after. It is a statement with which the most senior pilgrims are sure to agree; The vital experience comes with every step, so savor the moment and do not worry about reaching the Cathedral of Santiago still, that everything has its moment. On your way you will find stages with hard and endless climbs, those in which you do not see the time to reach the next hostel, but that does not make you lose your patience; The Road is not a race.

Open to collaborate and listen

Whether you are a veteran or planning to be new, it is very important that you face the Camino with a collaborative attitude, that is, with a willingness to help those who need it and at the same time to receive advice from other pilgrims. Although some of us leave home alone, in the Way we all join a large family, and in families their members help each other when they need it. For much information that we have rescued from any travel guide, the experience is a degree, so when you offer to share it with us, it is best to be grateful and borrow it to transmit it later to others who may need it.

Tolerance and empathy with other pilgrims

The motivations of each pilgrim to embark on the Camino do not always coincide: devotion? Sport? Simple adventurous curiosity? What makes you walk is only important to you, not to other pilgrims. Whether it's your faith or your desire to adventure or re-establish yourself, the most important thing is always to respect other walkers and put ourselves in their place; We all want to be respected. If you do not understand or do not share this philosophy, perhaps you should reconsider doing the Way of Santiago.

Good humor

We are not going to fool you, leaving each day of the hostel will not always be greeted with a radiant sun or a relaxing day in plain, but that does not have to discourage you. Here more than anywhere else, you must try to take the positive side of things, whatever it is that puts you ahead; Believe me, after arriving in Santiago, you will remember with a smile the best moments and you will laugh at the laughter of the bad guys.

The illusion of a child

For many times that you have traveled or for many miles that you already have behind your back, the Camino always surprises you with new experiences, places to discover and pilgrims that will really carry your batteries with your way of understanding life. The key is to keep the illusion to continue walking and to explore the opportunities that give us the different routes of the Camino. As you surely know, the French Way alone is the tip of the iceberg of all that awaits you if you are one of those who seek to go beyond and to escape the masses.



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