Secrets of the Camino de Santiago that will make your life easier

Santiago's road

Santiago's road

If you do not train, you will be lost

A secret that those who have done the Camino de Santiago know well, is that if you do not train for the Camino you can be lost at the time of doing the hard stages of it. Therefore, it is advisable that from weeks before to do the Camino de Santiago, dedicate time in your day to day walking -especially if you are going to do it for the first time-.

It begins to walk about 5 kilometers a day and, with time, it passes to 10 or 15 kilometers a day. In this way you will not only be in better shape for the Camino and you will know more or less what awaits you, your body will be better prepared to avoid tendonitis and other muscular problems.

The walkers, preferably in hostels

There are many options that you can carry out to complete the Camino de Santiago. You can do it by bicycle or even horse but the most popular of all is to make the way on foot. To make the way walk is one of the most expensive options and in which more tired ends.

For that reason at the time of giving priority to a pilgrim will always be given to the one who does walking, even at bedtime. If a hostel is almost complete, the pilgrims who go on foot have preference to get the last places.

This especially we must keep in mind in winter, where the places are more limited since many of the hostels are not open during this time of year-many establishments of the Camino de Santiago only remain open in high season.

Dedicate time for your feet: pilgrims ointment

Another advice that we can give you and that few usually do the first time they do the Camino de Santiago, is to spend time every day at your feet. If you do it walking it is important to keep our tools well-maintained. Cut your nails well and if necessary, visit before going to the podiatrist, do not risk it. After a day, put your feet in water for about 20 minutes, with coarse salt and vinegar. Dry them and give them a massage with oils or creams. You can also refresh them from time to time in rivers and streams.

A good advice and that not everyone knows, is to use pilgrim ointment every morning, before leaving the route. And be careful, you never slip shoes or boots on the Camino de Santiago. Wear shoes that you have already put on and know that you feel good.

Santiago's road

Santiago's road

Always carry earplugs with you

And since we are talking about hostels, do not forget about the plugs. People from different parts of the world gather at any shelter along the way. Everyone will be willing to take the bed and rest the legs after having traveled many miles, but there will always be another person who will make noise and will not let you sleep.

The plugs will become your biggest allies to be able to sleep, something necessary if you intend to face fatigue during your adventure. Snoring, screaming or pilgrims who prepare their backpacks at the last minute, no type of noise can alter your rest if you count on your plugs.

Stay always connected if you travel alone

They say that the Camino de Santiago is one of the best experiences to disconnect, to forget about the day to day at work to relax in the middle of nature, seeing incredible places and meeting dear people. But not for that you must disconnect completely: one thing is to silence the phone and another is not to take it.

If the family wants to give you or if you want to communicate with her, you must take your phone with you, since you will not always be near a town. Sometimes we will go to forests and secondary roads where we will be alone, and if something happens we should have the opportunity to warn. Also warn the police in case of accident or crime that we can see.

Since not all hostels have enough plugs, we recommend that you use it only for emergencies or for consultation of the tour, but try to be as detached from the mobile as possible.



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