The values of the Camino de Santiago (That will enrich your life)

The Camino de Santiago is not only an experience, it is also a life teaching that completes and sensitizes us. Here are the values that it can bring to you and yours.

Los valores del Camino de Santiago

Los valores del Camino de Santiago

? What values ​​can the Camino de Santiago bring to your life?

We all look for something different on the Camino de Santiago when we close the house door with the backpack behind us. However, the best contribution that the Jacobean route can give us is perhaps the least expected by many pilgrims: vital teachings.

The values ​​of the Camino de Santiago are not bought, are not commissioned or sought; they simply appear when they have to appear, take root in us and become part of our soul.

The values ​​of the Camino de Santiago are a treasure to transmit to our children, and a good reason to take the little ones with us, to experience them in the first person. If you are looking for a healthy environment, with good examples and full of good values, here you will find them. What can the Camino de Santiago bring you? We tell you:

➡️ Illusion to live an adventure

The experience of the Camino de Santiago begins with a light of illusion when we decide to embark on this great adventure, it gets bigger and bigger with the preparations (such as when you train physically or when you pack your backpack) and it shines to the fullest when we start giving Our first steps.

In many pilgrims, that incandescent light gets into us forever and that's why we end up coming back every time we can: a pinch of illusion is essential to move forward in our day to day; A good handful, essential to get the most out of life.

➡️ Eagerness to overcome

The Camino de Santiago is a physical and mental challenge, especially for pilgrims who travel it for the first time (when it is easy to underestimate what it means to walk 20 km per day). The effort involved in preparing to make the Camino de Santiago in conditions and once there to endure the pull, surpassing each stage, is one of the most enriching values.

As a pilgrim you will learn to take your limits beyond what you could have imagined and move on until you achieve your goals, because of many obstacles that come your way.

➡️ Curiosity to learn

The Camino de Santiago is a daily teaching; No matter how many times you have traveled, you can always learn from a more veteran pilgrim than you. For that you have to listen carefully, take nothing for granted and never lose your curiosity to learn something new every day. The pilgrim "profession" is most interesting; It is full of tricks and advice, but above all, of rivers of experience.

If you do not want to fall on the same stone as the others (although sometimes it is inevitable), open your eyes and ears, ask shamelessly and take note of those who really know.

➡️ Fellowship

Coexistence in cities inevitably leads us to a more lonely life, centered on family and friends, with increasingly smaller human networks (social networks have also done a lot for it). In these environments, empathy with others is increasingly a value that lacks less; However, it is something fundamental that defines us as human beings.

The Camino de Santiago is an oasis away from the unwritten rules of society, where you cannot look the other way when someone needs help or help. The Jacobean route is exactly that, lend a hand when others need it, because you never know when you will need others.

➡️ Respect and empathy

"The tourist demands, the pilgrim thanks." On the Camino de Santiago, money is not everything; It is a spiritual route, an experience that works thanks to the disinterest of many people (unparalleled by the work of the hospitable volunteers). To all these people, as pilgrims we must thank them for their work, having patience; We are not in a resort with an all-inclusive bracelet.

We must also put ourselves in the shoes of the inhabitants of the hundreds of localities that the Camino crosses; especially in high season they live with a large number of walkers every day. They deserve all our respect and empathy; we have to try as far as possible not to disrupt its normality.

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