Is it dangerous to do the Camino de Santiago alone?

There are a number of reasons why doing the Camino de Santiago alone is not dangerous, so we will try to answer this question with a series of arguments that will surely help you overcome your doubts.

Hacer el Camino de Santiago sola - Envato

Hacer el Camino de Santiago sola - Envato

We have often talked about how the Camino de Santiago has as many ways as ways to get the compostela. But while it is true that the most chosen forms among pilgrims who are launched to live this unforgettable experience is to do it on foot, make the routes by bicycle or horseback riding, there are also other equally interesting as doing the Camino de Santiago in a motorhome or even alone. 

If doing the Camino de Santiago unaccompanied was already enough reason to begin to arise a large number of questions, many women do not even rethink the idea because they believe it is not safe. But nothing could be further from the truth; although such fears are more than justified, doing the Camino de Santiago alone is safe for any pilgrim, regardless of gender. 

In itself, organizing a solo trip can generate many fears. Although it is a positive and empowering feat, fear grows especially if we are a woman who intends to make this adventure without anyone else. Safety is one of the main factors called into question, but it is a feeling that will diminish as we complete each stage.

There are a number of reasons why doing the Camino de Santiago alone is not dangerous. However, we must always keep in mind that although the atmosphere that permeates through the different routes is excellent, no one is safe from a bad experience. That is why we will try to answer this question with a series of arguments that will surely help you overcome your doubts.  

Botas de senderismo - Envato

Botas de senderismo - Envato

The reasons why doing the Camino de Santiago alone is not dangerous

Loneliness is not as we really imagine it to be

Although at the time of organizing the trip we think that we will be 100% alone with ourselves throughout the journey and we understand it as something negative, as we move forward is an idea with which we will soon realize that we were wrong. The conditions of the different routes favour companionship, so it will be impossible not to establish a relationship with other pilgrims walking on our same stage. 

Loneliness as we understood it at the beginning of the journey becomes something completely different. It is very easy to make friends, meet new people, walk accompanied and easily find help for any difficulty we may encounter. In short, there is always time to get together in a group or go back on our own whenever we feel like reflecting or experiencing the Camino in a different way. 

All of us, regardless of whether we are men or women, are at a disadvantage.

Regardless of whether the Camino de Santiago is done by a man or a woman alone or in company, we are all at a disadvantage when it comes to theft or the complications that the weather can bring. Although security is not something to which we should devote too much concern, there are certain specific incidents that we must take into account when we travel very crowded stages.

Any carelessness is good to end up discovering that someone has stolen your backpack, wallet or any other personal object important for the trip. Whatever our condition, it is advisable for everyone to keep an eye on our belongings and to keep them under control. Basically, take the same care that we do when we travel to other places to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The weather can also complicate the experience of the Camino de Santiago, which is why it is important to equip yourself properly with everything you need according to the time of year in which we launch to make the trip. Prepare your backpack correctly, dress with the right footwear and research what are the most important aspects in autumn, winter, spring and summer. 

Its impossible to get lost on the Camino de Santiago

It is very difficult to get lost on the Camino de Santiago, as both the French Way and other roads in Galicia are very well signposted until you reach Santiago de Compostela, but this does not mean that it is impossible. In this case, the spirit of the pilgrim is to continually support each other, so we will always find generosity and someone to help us redirect our footsteps.


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