Precautions to consider to walk the Camino de Santiago safely

On Wednesday, July 1, the Cathedral of Santiago has reopened its doors to receive pilgrims from all over the world. Although this had to close, in the same way that the different Jacobean routes had to do, currently pilgrims will be able to go back to any of them until they reach the Galician capital.

Catedral de Santiago

Catedral de Santiago

Despite the fact that the Camino de Santiago has been activated again, pilgrims who want to walk it must take into account a series of guidelines and rules. On the one hand, we must follow some measures that allow us to be protected and make the Camino safe for others, while on the other, we must take into account the changes that have been applied to everything related to the Camino since it began.

How can I walk the Camino safely?

In the same way that it happens in our day to day, there are some measures that we have to take into account to make the Camino safely. Maintaining the minimum safety distance is something that we must always keep in mind, especially when we meet other pilgrims, in the same way as it is to disinfect your hands whenever necessary. In this case we have to think that during the Camino we will not always be able to wash our hands, so we have to carry a disinfectant gel with us. It is recommended not to throw it out and stay with your hands in the sun, since we can burn the skin.

Another important aspect is the use of mobile applications both to pay and to consult different zone data (we must ensure that there are no quarantined towns on our route). By minimizing contact with other people we will be more protected. We will also have to disinfect the furniture in public places where we stop to rest or eat, in the same way that we must take care of the way in which we get rid of the protection elements.

How do I can make reservations at the Camino hostels?

The Camino hostels have had to take a series of measures to guarantee the safety of their guests. In addition to the fact that many minimize the capacity depending on the capacity of each hostel, it should be noted that others unfortunately will not have the capacity to open their doors. That is why the Xunta de Galicia created the Jacobean hostels website in which pilgrims can consult open hostels, their availability and reserve their places from here. Keep in mind that you can only reserve until 1:00 p.m. the day before and that, from that moment, the places will be covered according to the order of arrival.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

What rules should i follow at the hostels?

Despite the fact that the capacity of the hostels is going to be much lower than other years, it should be borne in mind that many people will pass through there, so guidelines must be put into practice. Some of them are the ones that we must apply in most of the places we visit, however to these we must add new ones since it is a place where we will spend the night. Among them is the use of gloves and a mask, putting the backpack and boots inside individualized or bags, in addition to using the disinfecting mat, among other things.

Through its website, the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago has published an illustrative guide to the guidelines to be followed by every pilgrim inside the hostels, in addition to a protocol to be applied available in different languages.

What do I need to visit the Cathedral of Santiago?

The Cathedral of Santiago has reopened its doors on July 1. Despite the fact that any pilgrim will be able to visit it, at the moment there will be a limited capacity of 200 people inside, which can only be accessed during opening hours: from 9:00 to 19:00. Access will be made through the door of Platerias during the week and through the Plaza de la Inmaculada when the weekend arrives.

To enter it will be mandatory to wear a mask and keep social distance to a minimum, in addition to having to disinfect your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel placed on the access door to the Cathedral.

In relation to the pilgrim's Mass, the maximum capacity is reduced to 75 people, who will have to take the entry number to attend. Mass will take place every day at 19:30 in the west part of the Cathedral, while there will be another at 12:30 in the Chapel of the pilgrim reception center.


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ruben antonio jimenez fernandez 11/07/20 18:00:13
Acabo de leer con estupor que desde la apertura de la catedral, la misa del peregrino tendrá lugar a las 19.30 en una capilla lateral y a las 12 horas en la capilla del lugar donde se expide la credencial. Creo que tal decisión constituye el peor ataque que se puede llevar a cabo contra el Camino De Santiago. Para muchos peregrinos la misa en la nave principal de la catedral, a los acordes del órgano y con la solemnidad que devenía celebrando, unido a la tradición del vuelo del botafumeiro, constituía un elemento fundamental de la peregrinación. Ya me parecía mezquino que para poder contemplar la ceremonia del botafumeiro fuera necesario pagar. Pero la reciente decisión comporta prescindir de toda la ceremonia tradicional. Como comentario final, tan solo, recordar que en la catedral de Le Puy y en la colegiata de Roncesvalles la misa solemne que marca el inicio de la peregrinación se lleva a cabo en la nave principal, con un ceremonial especial.
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Efrerik Jesus Gutierrez Castaño
Efrerik Jesus Gutierrez Castaño 12/07/2020 21:46:25
Pues si te han informado muy bien yo estuve Antes de ayer en la misa de las 19,30 y además solo dejan entrar a 75 personas con lo cual tienes que estar en la cola una hora antes si quieres garantías de poder Entrar y encima la hacen en una orillita con un altar de madera un Cristo en un lado y una imagen del santo muy pequeña a mi me dio mucha pena Esta así por obras me dijeron a mi
Sin avatar
xacobito 12/07/2020 12:27:42
Hola Rubén. La misa del Peregrino tiene lugar en el altar provisional debido a obras y el Botafumeiro no funciona por esa misma razón. Este fue el aviso de la Catedral: "AVISO: Debido a obras de restauración en el interior de la Catedral, hasta nuevo aviso, no funcionará el Botafumeiro". No es un ataque al Camino de Santiago. Tampoco puedes abrazar al Santo por las razones que ya sabes: la crisis sanitaria que estamos viviendo. Sin embargo puedes visitar la cripta y venerar el sepulcro del Apóstol.
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