The corners of the Camino de Santiago favorite of pilgrims

The community of Vive Camino thinks about the favorite places they have known when making one of the many routes of the Camino de Santiago.

Convento de San Marcos

Convento de San Marcos

More and more people are deciding to do the Camino de Santiago. Taking everything you need and moving towards Santiago de Compostela may seem like a difficult decision, but how rewarding it is to make it make pilgrims repeat the experience. Performing the Camino de Santiago means being able to disconnect and enjoy unique corners that one cannot forget.

To learn more about our community and that more people are encouraged to do the Camino de Santiago, we have asked on our social networks, Instagram and Facebook, which were the favorite corners of the Camino de Santiago. Although this question depends on which Jacobean route has been taken, having so many places to choose from in each one of them makes answering this question somewhat complicated.

What corners of the Camino de Santiago are your favorites?

Rincones del Camino de Santiago

Rincones del Camino de Santiago

The different Jacobean routes have exit at different points of the peninsular geography and thanks to that, pilgrims can enjoy landscapes, climates, monuments and even recipes, of the most varied.

Pilgrims who finish the Camino are fascinated with all the experiences and panoramas they have been able to observe, however there is always a point that is more special. Whether for the impression that he gave us, for our tastes or for the mood in which we find ourselves, there are corners of the Camino de Santiago that will always be our favorites.

Julia Mart Mart - For me all the villages, towns, no matter how small they were, were special; well, because my thoughts were different, because of the pilgrims or the places, everything seemed enriching. The Camino itself is all favorite and with its charm.

Meu Meu Ata Aqui - I love O Cebreiro, small but very beautiful, an emblem of the road, charming, especially at night and snowy, it is also like an oasis on the road, after a hard climb, take a cover octopus is great. I love O Cebreiro.

Manuel Romero Torres - For me Hinojosa del Duque and all the Sanabres. Charming places for their kindness and surroundings.

Rincones del Camino de Santiago 2

Rincones del Camino de Santiago 2

Beto Garcia - To me Saint Jean pier de Port, to start the road again.

Lluís Senen Madrid - Grañon, great memories.

Conchi Mérida Aranda - Puerto del palo. Primitive Path

Alessio Dentoni - There are many... but Laurel Street in Logroño is very important to me.

Fermín Alonso López - The height of forgiveness. Or Cebreiro. And the iron cross, important memory I had there.

Mariaje Abaurre Iracheta - The cross of the ferro the mount ogozo and the entrance to the obradoiro square

Rincones del Camino de Santiago 3

Rincones del Camino de Santiago 3

Charo Jiménez Pastor - The stairway down to the Plaza del Obradoiro with its piper welcoming you and I constantly crying with emotion. And from there to the square to give you a hug with my best companion on the way.

Kela Kela Del - Hospitals, primitive path.

Rosa Peris - Foncebadon.

Pablo Domingo Jaso - The cross of the Savior.


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pauloantunes 21/02/20 17:47:53
Para mí, estas palabras lo dicen todo:

Los peregrinos que finalizan el Camino quedan fascinados con todas las experiencias y panorámicas que han podido observar

Julia Mart Mart - Para mí todos las aldeas, pueblos, rincones por muy pequeños que fueran, eran especiales; bien porque mis pensamientos eran diferentes, por los peregrinos o por los lugares, todo me parecía enriquecedor. El Camino en sí, es todo favorito y con su encanto.

He hecho cinco caminos. Es imposible elegir el mejor rincón. Desde el pueblo árido más pequeño de Sanabria hasta el hermoso jardín de Vigo, ¡todo es hermoso! Gracias camino! (Paulo, Portugal)
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