The Camino de Santiago is not a race, why should you take it easy?

What the Camino de Santiago offers is to savor it slowly, taking our time, without haste, enjoying every moment of what surrounds us

Alto del Perdón (Camino de Santiago)

Alto del Perdón (Camino de Santiago)

?♂️ If you do not take the Camino calmly, you can miss the best of everything

The Camino de Santiago each year reaches more public, success in recent times is already unstoppable and therefore more and more people are seeking information on stages, routes, tips on how to walk or just what to carry in your backpack. It is very common to find cases of pilgrims who make their debut on the Camino de Santiago with few days available to walk, but who want to travel as many kilometers as possible; we want to see a lot, planning too long stages, walking fast to get to Santiago as soon as possible, pick up our compostela as soon as possible and return to the routine.

This starting point is far from what we traditionally consider as a pilgrimage, from the spirit of the pilgrim who seeks on the Camino de Santiago a refuge to reflect, to merge with his surroundings and find the strength that will help him to continue with his daily life. You can face the Camino de Santiago from many points of view: looking for fun with our friends, enjoy the incredible scenery, get out of our comfort zone, play sports, find the tranquility that routine denies us ... However, approaches As you approach it, we recommend that you always take it easy. On the Camino de Santiago the rush is not good because it can take you to lose many positive things; we are going to tell you some of them:

? Leave behind the stress that chases us in our routine

Take the Camino de Santiago calmly, moving at your own pace (or at the slowest pace if you walk in a group), it will actively help you relax, escape from the routine and the rush that unfortunately marks our day to day. The Camino de Santiago takes us to a totally different situation to what we are used to, a situation in which time is delayed and governed by different measures; it helps us to forget about the problems for a few days (and surely to find alternative ways of dealing with them).

? To be able to appreciate the surroundings of the Camino de Santiago as it deserves

The Camino de Santiago, regardless of which route you choose to travel, enjoys enviable natural surroundings and a heritage of great value that is worth knowing little by little and without haste. Remember to look up and enjoy the environment that surrounds you, an environment that changes in each season and with places you would never go if you were not walking these routes. Pilgrimage to Santiago is also an opportunity to visit some points of interest that otherwise would not know and it is highly recommended to save each day several hours in the afternoon.

? Keep injuries, dehydration, sugar drops at bay...

One of the main causes of abandonment on the Camino de Santiago by pilgrims debuting is to underestimate the challenge of walking stages of more than 15 or 20 km each day. Take it easy, especially if it's your first time; To do this, plan your stages without loading your legs for miles, so as not to over-strain, which could lead to injuries that could leave you lying there for days. If you notice that the Camino is going uphill, do not hesitate to take a day off, even booking in an accommodation where you can rest better; your body will thank you.

? Take our time to reflect

Pilgrimage to Santiago we will have many moments of peace while we walk where no one bothers us, which will help us to immerse ourselves in our own mental palace. If we face the Camino calmly and without hurry, we will have time to examine ourselves, our life, our decisions and definitely learn to value what really matters.

? Being able to meet other pilgrims with peace of mind

It is good that you have in mind the goal of finally arriving in Santiago de Compostela, but do not be in too much of a hurry to arrive running, dedicate your time to meet other pilgrims, their stories, what has led them to the Camino just like you. On the Camino de Santiago you can meet pilgrims from all corners of the world, from different cultures and motivations, an experience that can enrich you and help you to leave your comfort zone, your usual circle.


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