What to do in Santiago de Compostela when finishing the Camino?

At the end of our route along the Camino de Santiago, we may feel a great emptiness and, however, you should know that Santiago still has great potential for you.

Santiago de Compostela | Envato

Santiago de Compostela | Envato

Once you reach the end of the Camino de Santiago, is it really over?

It does not matter the route you have chosen to do the Camino de Santiago. There are many routes to follow the path that take us to the same point, the clear destination being to reach Santiago. However, what happens with many pilgrims is not knowing what to do. What to do once they reach the end of the path, that moment in which, after walking for hours, they reach the end point, feeling that from there on out they are There is only one continuation and it is the return home.

After all the experience lived on the road, after completing the journey, after discovering the magic present in nature, it simply seems that everything is over. However, it is the moment in which new plans begin, when on many occasions pilgrims consider what will be their future. your next route or if, finally, once you have finished the journey, it is time to put in order all those thoughts that have arisen during the journey to implement them in your daily life.

Each pilgrim lives the experience of the Camino de Santiago in a completely unique way. However, yes They can share points of view or even plans at the end of the route. With the intention that you continue enjoying the wonders that the Camino de Santiago presents once it is finished, we are going to present for you some of the plans that you can make once you have finished the route. p>

What Can it be done at the end of the Camino de Santiago?

When it comes to finishing the Camino de Santiago, we should not think that our route is over. There are still places to discover, including some points of interest present in Santiago that will allow you to continue enjoying completely unique experiences. Maybe you will even discover a city that you fall in love with and where you want to make the most of its opportunities.

Collect the Compostelana and the Distance Certificate

Once you arrive in Santiago, it is the first point you must do when finishing the Camino. To do this, direct your steps towards the Pilgrim's Office to, in this way, be able to obtain the Compostelana. This document is really important since it certifies that you have completed the Camino de Santiago. How can you get it? To do this you have to present your stamped credential at the Pilgrim's Office.

In addition to this, there You can also request the Distance Certificate. What does this document indicate? here Both the starting point and, in itself, the route you have followed and the kilometers that have been traveled are indicated. You can obtain both documents completely free of charge, although donations are accepted.

Go to your accommodation to leave your backpack and rest

It may seem like a simple idea and, however, after the route taken and the kilometers traveled, it is necessary to take a break. Therefore, we recommend that you direct your steps towards your accommodation to, at least, take a few minutes to leave your backpack, take a shower or even take a moment to rest.

First of all, we must emphasize that, wherever you stay, the ideal is that you can leave your backpack so that you can walk through the streets of Santiago calmly. In case you do not intend to stay overnight in Santiago, you can also access the Correos locker although, to do so, you will have to reserve in advance.

Dont miss the Pilgrims Mass

It is a religious celebration that is celebrated in the Cathedral of Santiago. It is a special mass that is dedicated to all the pilgrims who have arrived in the city, reading the names of their countries and places of origin. In fact, it is considered one of the unique experiences for those who have walked the Camino.

Visit the Cathedral of Santiago

If you are not one of those who want to see the pilgrim mass or go to the place, it is interesting to take a moment to see the Cathedral of Santiago. Explore the imposing jewel that is the Cathedral and, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit the terrace of the cathedral to enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the city. If you're lucky, you might even be able to see the Botafumeiro ceremony.

Tour the Old Town

Taking a walk through the old town of Santiago is an experience like no other. You not only enjoy the possibility of getting to know its cobbled streets, but also its historical buildings. We recommend you enjoy the moment, without a fixed plan, but simply discovering its craft shops, cafes, or even taking a moment to get a souvenir.

Pulpo á Feira | Envato

Pulpo á Feira | Envato

Enjoy Galician gastronomy

A good reason to stay in Santiago is to enjoy its gastronomy. Getting to know Santiago is not limited to seeing only its monuments or important places, but also enjoying its flavor, trying the famous octopus. feira, the Galician empanada, or even the famous lacón with turnip tops. And for those colder days? A delicious Galician broth can be, without a doubt, the great savior.

Museums, culture or hiking routes

Do not hesitate to continue exploring Santiago. Along the Camino you have been able to enjoy all kinds of places, areas that have been recorded in your retinas and that, without a doubt, you will not forget. However, do you want to go one step further? Then you won't want to miss some of the destinations surrounding Santiago as well. like those points of interest on its streets. Museums, different cultural events, etc. as organized hiking routes that allow us to get to know the surroundings.

Look for the shadow of the pilgrim

When the sun goes down, a very special pilgrim appears on the street and he is known as the hidden pilgrim. In fact, there are many legends related to this, with some pilgrims saying that it is a priest dressed as a pilgrim who waits for his beloved so he can escape with her. However, others claim that it is the shadow of each pilgrim that does not appear until reaching Santiago. What yes It is known that, to see it, you will have to go to the Plaza de Quintana.

Direct your steps towards Fisterra and Muxía

And if you still feel like traveling a little further, then don't let your path end in Santiago. Make the end of the road to Finisterre. And there is a path that leaves Santiago that takes you to this particular route. In fact, even this will allow you to request the Fisterrana like this like the Muxiana, certificates that prove that you have completed your journey there.

You should know that, once you finish your journey here, you can return to Santiago by bus or even walking to take a circular route. The important thing is that you can get to this place and enjoy a unique experience.


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