Pilgrim's kit for the Camino de Santiago

Having a first-aid kit with everything you need when doing the Camino de Santiago, will help make the routes more comfortable and enjoyable

Doing the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience in life and that many people have lived on several occasions. Although the Camino de Santiago is different every time it is traveled, there are situations that are always repeated, and in that sense there are some aspects that can help us make the path as comfortable and pleasant as possible, such as preparing our own medicine cabinet for Santiago's road.

A first-aid kit is necessary to do the Camino de Santiago, since due to the physical effort that a person suffers when passing each stage, even if it is the shortest route, it is likely that they need some kind of care.

Scratches from shoes, sunburn or insect bites are some of the most popular ills, which can be avoided if we carry our own first aid kit on the Camino de Santiago in the backpack.

Things that the kit must have for the Camino de Santiago?

Peregrina descansando en la Plaza del Obradoiro - Andres Victorero/iStock

Peregrina descansando en la Plaza del Obradoiro - Andres Victorero/iStock

? Dressings for blisters

 One of the great evils with which all the people who make the Camino find themselves is the appearance of wounds and chafing due to footwear. Choosing the right footwear is very important to prevent these discomforts from appearing, but likewise, there are many kilometers that you will walk and therefore wearing ampoule dressings is essential.

?Protective cream

 Dermatology experts recommend the use of protective creams throughout the year, especially at times when exposure to the sun is greatest. When we travel the Camino de Santiago we are many hours under the sun's rays and that is why it is very important to take care of the possible problems that can generate in our skin.

It does not matter if it is summer or winter, we will never be sure of the time we will find, so a sun cream is essential for the first-aid kit recommended for the Camino de Santiago.

?Ear plugs

 As we can assume, ear plugs are not something crucial for the Camino de Santiago, however they can make the road much more enjoyable. In shelters, we share the same space as other pilgrims at bedtime and it may happen that the noise or snoring of another person does not allow us to rest properly.

The earplugs may not be vital in our basic kit for the Camino de Santiago, but they are all a guarantee to regain strength and face a new stage.

?Insect repellent and soothing bars

 Many of the roads that we have to travel to follow the route to the Cathedral of Santiago pass through mountains and areas of great vegetation, where it is very common to find different insects. A repellent will help us keep insects away from us and avoid annoying and even sometimes painful bites.

Even with the insect repellent, there may be a case of having a sting on our body. So that this bite does not bother us while we walk the route, the most recommended is the use of soothing bars, which we can find in pharmacies.

⛑Bandages, gauze and sanitary alcohol

 Throughout each stage, we may be lucky not to need to heal any wound that we do, but it is still very important to prepare the kit with everything necessary to do it. The bandages and gauze, as well as something to hold them, will help us to protect any injury that we do while we walk the Camino de Santiago and thereby ensure good care throughout the journey.

Like bandages and gauze, they will be used to cover and protect possible wounds, sanitary alcohol will help us to clean them and remove any dirt or dirt that has gotten inside us.

?Aspirins and allergy pills

 The Camino de Santiago involves traveling many kilometers, something that not everyone is used to. Lack of habit can cause discomfort, such as muscle aches or headaches that can be very annoying. The best for these cases is to prevent and carry some aspirin in the medicine cabinet that calms these pains.

Similarly, along our journey, allergies may play tricks on us and the only way to find ourselves well is with a pill. The pills to combat the effects of allergies are recommended to include in a first-aid kit on the Camino de Santiago.


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