Why does the Camino de Santiago hook?

If you are thinking about it, here´s why you will always succeed in choosing to become a pilgrim and to make the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Why to choose the Camino de Santiago

Have you ever met a friend who has been telling you wonders about the Camino de Santiago? Have they ever tried to convince you to encourage yourself to do it and have never taken the plunge? If you keep asking yourself why the Camino de Santiago is hooked to all who try them you might need a push. If you are thinking about what to do on your vacation this year and the Camino de Santiago is presented as a distant option, we encourage you to take courage and try this different experience, full of adventure. To give you that push you need we will give you several reasons why it is worth choosing the Camino de Santiago.

You will get to know yourself much better

All pilgrims have a compelling reason to give the Camino de Santiago a try. Some undertake it for religious reasons and others simply to find their spiritual "I". But nevertheless what they all keep in common is that they get to know themselves much better. El Camino is a perfect place to reflect on who you are, the life you really lead and discover how you react to totally different situations to those that you find in your daily routine. Walking the Camino de Santiago involves a process of very deep personal self-analysis that manages to change in many pilgrims forever the Camino they see life and what surrounds them. If you decide to do so, you will surely experience a sense of deep nostalgia the first week after finishing it and resuming your usual life.

You will force yourself out of your daily comfort zone

The Camino de Santiago will take you out without warning and without anesthesia of the daily routine in which you live you live installed. We all build a life process that we repeat every day, in which very little change and in which we shelter, hiding in a bubble without looking outside. Our perspective on life is sometimes totally conditioned by our closed environment and what the Camino does is to stand in front of a mirror and take us to the limit, place ourselves on a path where we walk and at the beginning we do not know why. Precisely on the Camino is where we have to find our own reasons to move forward and learn to live with an environment totally different from our day to day.

Camino de Santiago en bici

Camino de Santiago en bici

You will learn to distinguish what really matters

One of the hardest points of making the Camino de Santiago is not to face physically the hardness of the stages, but to find our own reason to continue walking miles and kilometers for no apparent reason. After the first few kilometers you will find your own reason to move on and you will realize that the Camino is a reflection of life itself; Each step brings you closer to the end, each step adds up to reach your goal, but what really matters is not to reach Santiago de Compostela or finish the first. What really matters is every step you take and what you live as you walk: the Camino is the now and not what will be. The Camino teaches you that through many plans you make for the future, life continues its passage without stopping and the decision to squeeze it to 100% is only yours.

You will open up to meet new people

The ones that we launch to travel the Camino de Santiago from year to year we usually do it full, with a good state of mind that makes us more open to meet new people with whom we share our experience. With the right attitude, it will be very easy to meet other pilgrims with whom you can share many things, without being forced to tie you to your company if later you are looking for alone. Discovering the motivations of the other pilgrims to do the Path and what has led them to travel it is something worth discovering for yourself.
If you have not yet traveled the Camino and decide, another of the things that will surprise you most will be the desire for fellowship and solidarity that exists among the pilgrims. There is a long tradition that still remains, the spirit of the pilgrim, which leads the more experienced to help the first-timers on the Camino and convey their experience to them to do the same later.

You can adapt your Camino to your abilities

The Camino de Santiago is not a closed and sealed travel package that you have to take or leave. That is something that many thought before informing us about the Jacobean Route, but only with scratching a little on its surface we realize that it is not so. The Camino de Santiago does not really have an official starting point, nor does it go by a single route; What is certain is that it concludes in Santiago de Compostela (although once you get to Compostela, you can continue to the coast). Therefore, you can plan your pilgrimage as you like, adapting your physical shape to the number of kilometers you will travel and making the stages shorter or longer according to how you are walking. Especially the French Way has multiple hostels and accommodation of all types throughout its route, so you can always finish your stage ahead of time if you do not find yourself with strength. The Camino is not a sports test, you do not have to force your limits if you do not want to do it.

You will know places that you would not visit otherwise

Walking along the road you will cross bridges, Roman roads, millenary paths, you will cross villages of long Jacobean tradition, full of hospitable people and of course incredible landscapes. You will walk on foot the north of the Peninsula, if you decide on the French Way; The Atlantic Galicia, if you decide on the Portuguese Way or the entire Cantabrian coast, if you decide to travel the beautiful Camino del Norte. Choose the route you choose, the Camino de Santiago will not disappoint you, always showing your surroundings from a point of view in the first person and not from the window of a car, teaching you to savor them slowly as you walk by your own foot.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

There is always more way to discover, however much you have traveled

They say that whoever proves the Camino once comes back. We do not know if it will be true, but the truth is that the Route Jacobea hooks and much to those who decide to give it a chance; The reasons already explained above. The best news is that much less there is a single path to Santiago de Compostela nor are they all the same. From the crowded French Way to the millenary Mediterranean routes of the Peninsula or the Via de la Plata, which crosses Andalusia and Extremadura, you have before you endless roads that will take you to Santiago and that will show you many different faces of the adventure that entails The pilgrimage to Santiago. Just ask for more and launch yourself on the adventure.

It will be an experience that you will remember all your life

Launching to travel the Camino de Santiago is an experience that is not forgotten in life, is something that can guarantee any pilgrim. The Camino is never going to move from there, it will always be waiting for you when you want to return if you decide to go again. When you need a way of escape, leave everything behind for a few days to think and get away from the noise that surrounds you, the Path will welcome you with open arms and your best face, as all pilgrims.



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la peregrina feliz 30/12/17 22:53:35
Hola para mi el camino de santiago,,,fue lo que marco un antes y un después,,lo mejor,,,nunca dejaras de pensar en el,,,todos los días habrá un recuerdo de el...nunca mas seras el mismo,,,vivirás días maravillosos,,,con todo y los problemas que se te puedan presentar..quiero regresar al camino aunque el tienpo es corto ya....saludos..
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clobeto 24/11/17 13:36:44
Muy buen artículo y muy real. Yo hice un tramo este año y ya tengo fecha reservada para la proxima primavera volver.
3 1
Francisco Javier Pérez
Francisco Javier Pérez 25/11/2017 02:09:28
Excelente lectura para motivar a hacer el camino.
Fer de Argentina
Fer de Argentina 14/11/17 14:48:11
Lo has bordado, tocayo!
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Sin avatar
Irahc 11/11/17 22:05:56
Un gran artículo Fernando !!!

Muy cierto !!!

Buen Camino...
2 1
Fernando Borjas
Fernando Borjas 12/11/2017 11:35:58
Muchas gracias Irahc!
Sin avatar
Pako Santos 18/06/17 21:07:38
Busco y busco como autoconvencerme de lanzarme a recorrer el camino, llevo años intentando quitarme los miedos o reparos que al final me hacen desistir en mis ganas. Este artículo ha alimentado más aún si cabe, las ganas de verme en la.bici recorriendo camino, lo haré, estoy convencido de que llegara ese día.
4 6
Borja Aldea
Borja Aldea 11/12/2017 21:39:22
Gracias Irahc.

Muchas veces las cosas nuevas nos dan miedo, y el camino es la prueba exacta de la vida. vivencias de todo tipo. Por mucho que tengamos miedo, hay que quitarse ese miedo, y la única manera de dejarlo a un lado, es haciéndolo.

Buen camino
Sin avatar
Irahc 11/11/2017 22:15:37
Gran consejo el de Borja.

Los miedos y los temores son muy normales.

Cuando empieces pronto verás que te pesan en la mochila (lo que más): sabrás qué hacer con ellos al momento o, lo más corriente, no pensaras en ellos y se esfumarán.

Buen Camino...
mabel 02/03/17 18:33:49
Excelente nota!!!!!
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Sin avatar
Juaco58 01/03/17 21:44:20
Excelente articulo, es un fiel reflejo de las sensaciones que se tienen cuando se hace el camino.
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Fer de Argentina
Fer de Argentina 01/03/17 15:51:31
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