Fuente de las Burgas de Caldas de Reis

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Fuente de las Burgas de Caldas de Reis

Pilgrims in the Fountain of the Burgas, image from  Wikimedia Commons

Pilgrims in the Fountain of the Burgas, image from Wikimedia Commons

The pilgrims who make the Camino Portugués and arrive in Caldas de Reis have already traveled 75 kilome meters behind him. Tiredness is noticeable, especially in the feet, but we just arrived at the right place. In Caldas we find the public fountain of As Burgas, from which hot springs flow that are a saint's hand for the tired feet of pilgrims.

The hot springs of Caldas de Reis

The use of the thermal waters of Caldas de Reis dates back to the Roman times, when the town was known as Aquis Celenis. Precisely, that toponym refers to the hot springs. “Here” or “Aquae” means waters, and “Celenis” It refers to the Chileans, the first settlers of that territory.

The waters that flow from the Fuente de las Burgas have a constant temperature of 48 degrees, and the composition of these waters is conferred medicinal properties. from there that it be a tradition among the pilgrims to dip their feet after the long stages that they carry on their backs. These waters provide benefits for respiratory, dermatological and muscular problems. 

Fountain of the Burgas

The fountain and the enclosure in which it is located have neoclassical features, and it is that it was built in 1881. The two pipes are decorated with a lion's head. near there There is also a laundry room that takes advantage of the hot springs.

This fountain is the nucleus of the historical development of Caldas de Reis. It also serves as a tourist attraction for this town in Pontevedra. This entire area has great thermal activity, so there are two spas in Caldas where you can pamper yourself a little longer to take care of your body.

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