The Way month by month: How many pilgrims have traveled it?

We update each month the data of pilgrims who have been registered upon arrival in Santiago during 2020.

Peregrinos en el Camino de Santiago - PxHere

Peregrinos en el Camino de Santiago - PxHere

The Camino de Santiago has a large number of routes that travel thousands of people annually. Although it is true that the most successful are the traditional ones, such as the French Way and the Portuguese Way, more and more pilgrims choose less crowded experiences and opt for other roads such as the Primitive or the North. Even roads or routes less known but that also lead a large number of people to Santiago from the east or south of the peninsula: the Camino de Santiago Aragonés, the Vía de la Plata, etc.

Whatever the route chosen, the truth is that the pilgrims all arrive in Santiago de Compostela, to visit the cathedral and the Plaza del Obradoiro. Next to these monuments and the famous Parador is also the Pilgrim's Office, where pilgrims from all over the world claim the long-awaited Compostela. It is here where all the data of the travelers are collected, making an official census every month of the year.

Of course, the data of the Pilgrim's Office allow us to know many things about the people who make the Camino de Santiago, such as the most chosen routes, the percentage of men and women, the method to travel the most used Way, etc. You can read more official data of the Pilgrim's Office during 2019 here.

How many pilgrims have traveled the Way month by month? (2020)

In this section we will update on a monthly basis and with official data from the Pilgrim's Office the Pilgrims who are registered every month (in 2020) and have proven that they have completed the Camino de Santiago. As you know, the conditions to obtain the Compostela are the following: Make the pilgrimage for spiritual reasons or, at least, with an attitude of search, do on foot or on horseback the last 100 km or the last 200 km by bicycle; and gather stamps of the places through which the Pilgrim's Credential is passed.

Pilgrims in January 2020  - TBA

How many pilgrims have traveled the Camino in 2019 month by month?

To know how well the Camino de Santiago grows month by month, we must compare the 2020 data with respect to 2019. We must clarify that the Camino de Santiago is an especially seasonal activity, with just a couple thousand pilgrims in the winter months , with tens of thousands of pilgrims traveling the routes in spring, summer and part of autumn. Therefore there is a lot of variation in the data from one time of the year to another. What we should look at is that, if everything goes according to plan and the Road grows, the monthly data is better overall compared to the previous year. These are the pilgrims who traveled the Camino in 2019 month by month:

  • Pilgrims in January 2019 - 1651 (Men: 1088 Women: 563)
  • Pilgrims in February 2119 (Men: 1245 Women: 874)
  • Pilgrims in March 2019 - 7474 (Men: 3922 Women: 3552)
  • Pilgrims in April 2019 - 31721 (Men: 15209 Women: 16512)
  • Pilgrims in May 2019 - 46672 (Men: 22510 Women: 24162)
  • Pilgrims in June 2019 - 49057 (Men: 24338 Women: 24719)
  • Pilgrims in July 2019 - 53319 (Men: 25779 Women: 27540)
  • Pilgrims in August 2019 - 62814 (Men: 31359 Women: 31455)
  • Pilgrims in September 2019 - 45649 (Men: 20746 Women: 24903)
  • Pilgrims in October 2019 - 36115 (Men: 17315 Women: 18800)
  • Pilgrims in November 2019 - 8237 (Men: 4575 Women: 3662)
  • Pilgrims in December 2019 - 2710 (Men: 1685 Women: 1025)
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