Tips for traveling by bike

The Camino de Santiago by bicycle

First of all you must be aware and control some details before you go and pick up your bicycle, to make it an incredible experience, otherwise you can ruin your trip.

Tips for traveling by bike
Tips for traveling by bike

Tips for traveling by bike

What to consider before getting on the bike

As I explain it before, it takes physical and mental effort to go on the Camino, that’s why I will give you five tips you should take into account during the Camino.

Warm up before each stage

It is necessary to warm up at least 10 to 15 minutes before you start riding your bike. It is important to start with some exercises for your joint movement focused on your lower body .

Exercise and warm up your ankles, knees and hips! And don’t forget your arms and wrists.

Once you start riding your bike, it is important to begin with a fast cadence, this means to use a short chain wheel; it will help you to avoid muscular stress on the first meters.

After the first five minutes, you should change the chain wheel until you get into the one you feel comfortable to ride on that road.

Eat healthy and hydratate

It is essential to have a healthy nutrition during the Camino.

Your first meal of the day should be strong and rich in carbohydrates such as cereals and flour( (its recommendable to eat all least an hour before you start your road)

It is really important what you eat (‘Things you must carry in your bicycle’), you should consume fast energy absortion food, such as glucose and fructose. These products are great at times of high or down energy demand of your body.

Also hydrated and drink a lot!!! This is as important as eating healthy!!! Drink sips of water every 30 minutes at least.

Foods like nuts will help you along the Camino

Foods like nuts will help you along the Camino

Cold mind

During the Camino you will experience a lot of different feelings, it take a lot of effort and each day it will be a challenge, the change of moods that you will feel are pretty normal! So keep it calm.

You will have to motivate yourself, think of nice things; also relax and you have to learn to breath!!!

Take it easy!!! When something wrong happened not let anything change your mood! Remember you can always stop and take a break! The Camino offers you a lot of different and really nice places you can take a moment to rest and enjoy!

A good planning and study of the area will help you the have an idea of how its going to be your road!

Strech after every stage

It is vital not stop exercising suddenly. Even if you have already reached your destination, the pulses should fall gradually. When you get off the bike is very important to stretch your muscles for at least 15 minutes, paying attention to the twins, hamstrings , quadriceps , iliopsoas and lower back .

After you must work yours forearms, back and arms you'll feel the difference when you go to rest.


Sleep and sleep properly are very different things. Choose a nice place and lie down, you’ll hear the sounds of nature. This simple exercise can you relax… Already you can rest!

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