Why to choose the bike

The Camino de Santiago by bicycle

The Camino de Santiago is a journey of self- renewal, and because of this so many people around the world want to experience it. It helps to improve physical endurance, opens your senses, and let the essences of live into your mind, this the person who does it once, wants to experience it again!  

Why to choose the bike

La bici, una alternativa genial para recorrer el Camino

La bici, una alternativa genial para recorrer el Camino

Bike: one of the best ways to travel the Camino

If you are considering the idea, but you are still not sure and you do not have a clear idea, let me tell you that one of the best ways to complete the Camino, is by bicycle. Find 8 reasons why I suggest it below.

  • By bicycle you are able to cover more kilometers in less amount of time. Which means you will be able to see more of the Camino during the days you have off, which will allow you to create a better stage plan. You can use every day to visit and get to know in depth resting points, culture, nature, and their heritage.

  • It is light-not heavy, an advantage when it is you who carries it. You can take other transportation methods if you wish to change the trip, as you can bring the bicycle in the bus or train, which provides specific hangers for bicycles. (You can verify which trains offer this accommodation).

  • Manageable and easy to handle and place in every corner, wall, hall, column, or whole, while you rest.

  • Gives you freedom: you will experience the feeling of fresh air through your face and the smell of countryside it’s just wonderful. Your body will be exposed to certain speed, if you relax and let yourself go you will feel like you are flying.

  • It carries more weight than you can. Besides your knapsack or backpack, you can add a front basket to your bicycle and saddlebags to carry your belongings and food.

  • You can move forward while you rest. Unlike walking, a bicycle uses inertia of the road, which allows for muscle rest and stretching without stopping. Additionally, you can alternate between pedaling sitting and standing, which is very useful when you have been pedaling for a long time.

  • Your children can accompany you. Currently there is a variety of accessories that can be added to a bicycle for your children to join the ride. There are special seats and trolleys.

  • It is a mobile structure that protects you. You can use your bike as a wall you don’t have when you are resting outdoors. It is as simple as unfolding the waterproof fabric and tie it to different part of the skeleton of the bike to create a roof. And if you can tie the other extreme of the fabric to a tree, perfect, you will have more protection for a good night sleep.

Planifica tu recorrido por el Camino antes de dar la primera pedalada

Planifica tu recorrido por el Camino antes de dar la primera pedalada

If you still don’t think it is a good idea to go to the Camino, let me tell you that there is something good about traveling, it is to live it with all of your sense and memories! And riding a bicycle is closely linked with our memories, specifically to our childhood. Because we have all learned to fall down with it, and fought so hard to get the 3rd wheel off because we could do it by ourselves. And because, at any age, the person that taught us to ride a bike was never forgotten.

And if, for whatever reason, you still do not know how to handle it, what are you waiting to ask for help. Let yourself be taught and create this memory than fills everyones soul, the Camino de Santiago.

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