Camino de Santiago for pregnant women: Is it recommended?

Know the aspects to consider when making the Camino de Santiago pregnant, having previously consulted with a trusted doctor who approves the beginning of this adventure.

🤰Camino de Santiago for pregnant women: Is it recommended?🤔

The Camino de Santiago adapts to almost all people. In addition, if you can choose any of its different routes, you can choose the most convenient starting point for each one, always taking into account the minimum distance you need to travel if you want to get the Compostela.

Among the doubts about which people can do the Camino de Santiago, knowing if pregnant women can do it is possibly the biggest unknown. The first and most important thing a pregnant woman should do before deciding to do the Camino de Santiago, is to speak with her trusted doctor. A doctor is the only person who has real knowledge that can confirm or not that a pregnant woman can enter this adventure. It should also be taken into account that each person carries the pregnancy in one way or another and that depending on our state, a woman's abilities may be different.

Even so, in addition to asking a specialist on the subject, you have to know some aspects about the Camino de Santiago that mark each route. These points affect everyone who is on the road but, if we focus on pregnant women, it can affect to a greater or lesser extent according to their status and stage of pregnancy.

Camino de Santiago para embarazadas - Pollyana Ventura/iStock

Camino de Santiago para embarazadas - Pollyana Ventura/iStock

👉Important points to make the Camino de Santiago pregnant

✅ The backpack: Choosing the most suitable backpack is very important to make the way comfortable. In general, pilgrims have to carry their backpack during the different stages and this means having to carry weight constantly. It is not recommended that pregnant women take weight to avoid possible risks, however, this problem can be avoided thanks to the backpack transport service that many companies offer.

On the other hand, the most recommended backpacks for the Camino de Santiago have straps and fasteners that distribute the weight of the backpack throughout the body to avoid pain and overstrain. Depending on the stage in which a pregnant woman is and the volume of her belly, the strap that holds the waist can be annoying and as a result not using it or placing it badly will not allow the weight to be distributed correctly.

✅ Footwear: One of the most popular recommendations before making the Camino de Santiago is to use the footwear some time before to stretch it a bit and adapt to it to avoid chafing and discomfort. Choosing a good shoe can be complicated for pregnant women as some have swelling problems in the ankles, even in the legs. Walking for so long will make that swelling worse and the feeling of discomfort increase.

✅ Food: Along the Camino on any of the Jacobean routes you can enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic offer, however you can not always enjoy a rich recipe and in many occasions snacks are the most recurring food.

This type of diet is not highly recommended for women who are pregnant since they have to eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the baby, in addition to staying strong and healthy with all the changes that the body He suffers during that stage.

Another important point is that some women cannot consume certain foods, such as raw sausage or poorly cooked foods, since they are not immune to toxoplasmosis, an infection that causes the Toxoplasma gondii parasite.

✅ Rest: Rest properly is essential for every pilgrim and especially for women who are pregnant. The effort involved in going through each stage is greater in this state because of the weight gain that a woman has to endure.

The shelters are the most used places to get that rest but in high seasons its capacity may be completed and some pilgrims are left without where to sleep. In this case for any pilgrim and especially for a pregnant woman, the best option is to opt for a private shelter or even a hostel or hotel where you can rest peacefully. In addition, this option may be more beneficial because when sleeping in a private room there will be less noise and you can rest better.

✅ Weather: The weather is something that many people consider when choosing the best station to do the Camino de Santiago. While some prefer the cold and thus move away from large agglomerations, others prefer the summer heat and thereby reduce the chances of rain.

This factor is also key if a pregnant woman wishes to take the road. During pregnancy, the sensation of heat is much more intense than in a normal state and therefore avoiding the hottest months is recommended. If it is done after the approval of a specialist, the best times to do so would be in spring or in the first weeks of autumn.


Performing the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience for anyone who travels it, whatever their characteristics. Being pregnant is not really an impediment to do it but it all depends on each person, the stage of pregnancy and the state in which they are. The points mentioned above must be taken into account before deciding if you really want and can do the Camino de Santiago but, before starting the route, you must consult a specialist, since you have the appropriate knowledge for it.


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