The weather on the Camino de Santiago: What weather awaits us?

Choosing the right time to do the Camino de Santiago is one of the most important decisions since the weather will be a factor to take into account during the trip.

Invierno | Envato

Invierno | Envato

Long before starting to prepare the equipment and decide what I carry in my backpack for the Camino de Santiago, one of the most important aspects is selecting the appropriate dates for the pilgrimage. Choosing a time for the Camino de Santiago can lead to other circumstances that mark the trip, both for good and bad. For example, depending on the season chosen, we will need not only one preparation or another, but also a specific piece of equipment.

This is why at Vive Camino we have thought that at the threshold of this recently begun 2024 and with the plans ahead for the entire year, it is important to delve deeper into what are the best dates to do the Camino of Santiago and the climate that we can find depending on the route.

The Camino de Santiago in winter

Do the Camino de Santiago in winter< /a> is a real challenge as you will have to face more complicated routes through the terrain, but also the low temperatures. As we mentioned before, there are stages of the year that require great preparation on the part of pilgrims and the Camino de Santiago in winter is one of them.

Despite those inconveniences that may come to mind in current times and in which we enjoy all kinds of comforts, the Camino de Santiago in winter is a challenge for those who want to live an experience that is as similar as possible. to the Jacobean trips as they were in the past, without those large crowds. 

The  French Way and the Camino Portugues are the most recommended options for doing the Camino de Santiago in winter. In both cases we are talking about relatively simple routes and whose landscapes at this time of year are frankly spectacular. Without reaching the low temperatures of other alternatives also available, the main enemy will be without a doubt the rain, very present between the months of December to March. 

Remember that there are several elements to take into account when doing the Camino de Santiago in winter, especially worth highlighting: 

  • Lower number of accommodations
  • Cold, but especially rain
  • Fewer crowds of pilgrims
  • The days are shorter
  • Preparing the backpack requires much more attention
Verano | Envato

Verano | Envato

The Camino de Santiago in summer

Do the Camino de Santiago in summer< /a> may be the most complicated decision of all. Generally on these dates we have more free time, in addition to being able to organize the trip over several months. As if that were not enough, the weather is good, but don't be fooled. High temperatures can be a real problem on the Camino de Santiago in summer, hindering the experience even more than the cold in winter. On the other hand, summer is one of the periods of the year in which we find the most crowds both on the roads and in the hostels themselves. 

That said, which is the best Camino de Santiago for summer? There are different options, many more than previous times of the year, so you should really consider which one best suits you. In all the proposals we have taken into account aspects such as avoiding high temperatures and finding a perfect balance between experience and spectacular routes. 

The Portuguese Way of Santiago is the first and best alternative for the summer months. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of both the Galician and Portuguese landscapes. Other options also worth highlighting are the Camino Inglés, as well as the Camino Inglés. like the Primitive Path. All of these routes have one thing in common: they occur in the north of Spain, and therefore, where the temperatures are somewhat more pleasant than in the rest of the country in summer. 

In the same way that we saw previously, you should take into account the following sections when preparing your Camino de Santiago in summer: 

  • These are the busiest months on the routes
  • It is advisable to prepare accommodation in hostels well in advance
  • High temperatures, you have to be well prepared
  • The days are longer
  • Select those routes that are less popular
Otoño | Envato

Otoño | Envato

The Camino de Santiago in autumn

“Winter is too cold to consider doing the Camino de Santiago. Summer exactly the same but with the heat; and also a spring that is halfway between rainy days and low temperatures. Common thoughts among pilgrims who begin their journey. So, what is the best time of year to do the Camino de Santiago? Autumn. 

Doing the Camino de Santiago in autumn gives you the best of both worlds: neither the heat of summer, but nor the cold of winter. The crowds of the months of June, July and August are left behind; Furthermore, the temperatures are really pleasant in the north of Spain. It is still possible to find accommodation in most hostels, not to mention stunning landscapes that look downright spectacular thanks to the yellow and orange tones of autumn. 

With these characteristics in which we will not find so many influx of pilgrims and the weather is good, we can embark without any doubt on those routes where the autumn landscape will shine brightly. with its own light. In this sense, the Camino Francés and the < a href="" target="_blank">Camino del Nortethey will look spectacular. Of course, on both routes we may encounter heavy rain that slows down our trip. If, on the other hand, you prefer shorter, and somewhat simpler routes, the Camino Inglés< /strong> and the Camino Portugués are alternatives to consider. Of course you will continue to enjoy beautiful views.

Among the points to take into account if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago in autumn, do not forget the following points: 

  • Less influx of pilgrims on the roads
  • By finding less traveled routes, many hostels may close down
  • Depending on the route we may encounter heavy rain
  • Perfect temperatures both during the night and the day

Now all that's left is for you to choose the right time of year to start your route on the Camino de Santiago. With these guidelines you will be able to select the one that best suits your time, but also the one capable of making you enjoy the beauty of the landscape without many problems.

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