Camino de Santiago from

We tell you how to get to the Camino de Santiago from the main Spanish cities through the main means of transport.

Camino de Santiago from
Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

How to get to the Camino from the main Spanish cities

They say that the true Camino de Santiago begins at the door of your house, but the truth is that there are many starting points between which you can choose to start your pilgrimage. There are numerous traditional routes such as the French Way, the Portuguese Way or the Northern Way, with many services designed for the pilgrim, but you can also take one of the dozens of the most unknown routes that start from almost every corner of the Peninsula .

The choice is only yours, but choose the route that you choose, here you will find the best way to get to the starting points chosen by the pilgrims every year from the main Spanish cities.

  • Camino de Santiago from Madrid
  • Camino de Santiago from León

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