Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra

Camino de Santiago from

  We give you all the information to start the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra: Tips, secrets, where to sleep and all the information you may need.  

Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra
Pontevedra - Pixabay

Pontevedra - Pixabay

What should you do the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra?

When it comes to completing the Camino de Santiago, there are all kinds of options. We find different routes that adapt to our lifestyle as well as the different routes. as capabilities. And of course, there are routes that have more pilgrimages than others, not because of their beauty, but because of the access they offer us. One of the most popular routes is the Camino Portugués, which makes its way from Pontevedra.

We do not always intend to follow the complete path for obtain the compostela. There are times when we simply seek to enjoy the path, the views as we go through the place, as well as the views. how to know the wonders that are hidden in this land.

For this reason, we are going to tell you the secrets to discover when doing the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra. Above all due to the fact that, despite its brevity, it is a path that holds great charm and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the experience without feeling that they have exceeded their limits.

What should you know before doing the Camino from Pontevedra?

Despite the brevity of this path, there are a series of points that we must take into account. After all, it continues to be a demanding point with pilgrims, especially since we have to walk and cover dirt roads like this. like some areas that are more demanding on our feet or that the weather does not accompany and that causes us to have to face rain and cold .

In these cases, we recommend that you go prepared with comfortable shoes. The best thing is that you look at the boots that best suit you and your feet. In this way, you will keep your feet protected from the road, as well as your feet. As you will have to look for a sole that adapts to all types of terrain. Remember that, when doing the Camino de Santiago, you will not only go on a dirt road, but also on asphalt or paths with stones.

All the stages of the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra

If you have already decided on your route, it is time to learn a little more about the stages you will follow along your way. We must remember that this path is short, covering just 65 km. For this reason, the Camino de Santiago will not give us a chance. access to Compostela, even though it did. what will it be a charming tour for all pilgrims:

  • Stage 1: Pontevedra - Caldas de Reis (23 km)
  • Stage 2: Caldas de Reis - Padrón (18.50 km)
  • Stage 3: Padrón - Santiago (25.20 km)

How to walk the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra?

One of the main points that we must take into account is that taking this tour will not give us the chance to do so. access to claim the Compostela . For this reason, you should know that this path can be done however you prefer, either on foot, by bicycle, or even on horseback. The important thing is that you walk this path calmly and, of course, enjoy all the views and its incredible landscapes.

First of all, it is important that you are prepared to enjoy the road calmly. Therefore, we recommend that you do this with the best possible company. In this way, it will be much better when it comes to overcoming obstacles that arise like this. how to get help whenever needed.

Peregrino - Envato

Peregrino - Envato

Tips for completing the Camino de Santiago from Pontevedra

It does not matter if it is your first time doing the Camino de Santiago or if, on the contrary, you have already done it before. Even if the road is short, it is always important to be prepared. After all, it is important to always follow the advice for doing the Camino de Santiago since the road can be hard, especially if the weather is not good.

One of the most important points to cover is to have on hand a heavy-duty raincoat. It is possible that you do not need this or that the good weather accompanies you on your route. However, it is always important to have a raincoat on hand capable of protecting you from both the rain and the cold, or even from those moments when the sun is most pressing.

On the other hand, it is important to have a backpack that fits you. Find a backpack to use on the Camino de Santiago is one of the first points to cover. Above all, it is important that you have a backpack on hand that does not exceed 10% of the weight of the pilgrim when carrying it. After all, it's the best weight to make it comfortable to carry.

Where to sleep and where to eat when making the way from Pontevedra?

An aspect to take into account when making the way from Pontevedra is that you must find places where you feel comfortable when resting. You should know that when it comes to making the journey, there are all kinds of points for resting for pilgrims, whether they are hostels, hotels or even points where you can put up your tent to rest. outdoors.

At the same time, there are also different points where you can enjoy the gastronomy of the area. The important thing is that, when preparing your trip, you investigate those points where you want to discover the wonders of Pontevedra as well as the Whichever way you feel much more comfortable.

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